Can I apply Gamazine on painted wall? Check it out | how to apply gamazine on the wall

Gamazine is used to colour change existing walls and ceilings that needs to be painted. Suitable for both interiors and exteriors of homes, factories, architectural buildings, outbuilding and boundary walls. Can be applied to any hard surfaces such as: Asbestos.

How do you apply Gamazine to exterior walls?

HOW TO APPLY GAMAZINE. GAMAZINE is applied as a ready mixed paste that is applied by hand with a trowel in single layers of 3-4mm. In extreme applications a leveling coat might be needed to compensate for uneven or very smooth surfaces. the gamazine can be applied in a vertical or circular finish.

Is Gamazine a plaster or paint?

GAMAZINE is a granular plaster used as a decorative INTERIOR & EXTERIOR wall & ceiling coating with the option off a GAMAZINE or GRANITE finish. The GAMAZINE coating can be mixed in any colour of choice. These GRANITE finishes are available in several existing colours, consisting of a range of natural coloured stone.

How long does Gamazine paint last?

Gamazine Wall Coating

GLAMOUR SURFACE PAINT COATING: INTERIOR & EXTERIOR, INCLUDING CEILINGS, LIFESPAN ON THE COATING IS AT LEAST 20 YEARS – NO MORE PAINTING EVERY 2- 3 YEARS! Glamour Surface Coating is applied in approximately 4mm – 8mm thickness by using a steel trowel and the mixture is a thick paste.

Can you apply Gamazine to a brick wall?


Is Gamazine waterproof?

This is Gamazine paint is a waterproof paint, suitable for exterior and interior walls design also on ceilings.

Is Glamour coat waterproof?

– Glamour is completely waterproof and breathable. – Incredibly elastic and flexible, it provides a high level of comfort anddynamism. – Extremely resistant to wear-and-tear.

How do you clean Gamazine walls?

Learn how to clean gamazine walls fast by following these steps:
Use a soft brush on your hoover to get rid of loose dirt.Wipe over walls with a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution.Dry walls with a fan or open windows to increase ventilation while air drying.

What are the advantages of Gamazine paint?

Benefits: Lasts long, covers cracks, decorative finish, covers cracks. Application: Needs to be applied on plastered wall..if painted wall, paint over water paint. Some instances you might need an undercoat for preparation which is R230 a 20L.

How is Gamazine manufactured?

Gamazine is a mixture of quartz, stone and various chemicals that is blended to produce a smooth texture paste to be used as a wall coating. With the addition of Greensand quality graded silica sand and stones you can be ensured that your gamazine wall coating is of high quality and long-lasting.

What is Glamour coat made of?

▪️Glamour Coat is a fine shiny paste made from different granite stones and marble ranging from plain to different colours.It is also applied directly on top of plastering.