Can I combine my matric? Check it out | how to combine matric results after upgrading

Individuals who wrote matric in more than one examination can apply to combine their results. If you wrote matric in more than one examination sitting and you want to combine your credits to qualify for a National Senior Certificate (NSC), you must apply for combination of the result to obtain a matric certificate.

Can I combine SC with NSC?

No aggregate will apply for combining the SC(a) with NSC subjects. Similar subjects from different qualifications cannot be used to combine results viz.

How many times can you upgrade matric?

The opportunities to obtain your matric qualifications are endless and you receive at least three chances to improve your results or gain your matric qualification, so your academic goals do not have to come to an end if you did not receive the required results or haven’t completed matric, there is still a chance for

How much does it cost to combine Matric results?

How much does it cost? The cost for both a replacement certificate and combination of results is R141. 00; payable via a bank/ATM deposit or EFT. These fees are valid from 01 April 2021 until 31 March 2022.

What happens when you upgrade your Matric results?

A matric upgrade is a second chance at your matric final exams. Once you have written your finals and gotten your results, you can do a matric upgrade to essentially redo whichever exams that need better marks. You can apply right now to do your matric course at Matric College.

How do I combine certificates?

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Can I combine Senior Certificate and national Senior Certificate?

Yes, you can combine a National Senior Certificate with an Amended Senior Certificate.

Is upgrading matric results a good thing?

Yes, a Matric Upgrade is a good idea. Better results open more opportunities for jobs and further training. A Matric Upgrade means that you can do the following: Apply to universities.

What is the difference between upgrade and rewrite?

The rewrite is usually done by people who have been out of high school for up to 5 years. Whereas a matric upgrade is when a person makes use of the Adult Matric exams to improve as many of their subjects as they would like.

Can I upgrade my matric results after 5 years?

If you’ve been out of matric for 5 years or more and you wish to rewrite your matric, yes you can rewrite your matric. You can apply for the Amended Senior Certificate (SC), which is equivalent to the National Senior Certificate (NSC).

Can I rewrite my matric after 3 years?

Yes, you can. If you Upgrade your Matric at Matric College you can write as many subjects as you like and you can also choose a new set of subjects. When you write the supplementary exams you can only choose the subjects you previously wrote and you can Rewrite all of your subjects aside from Life Orientation.

Where can I bridge my matric results?

Oxbridge Academy Matric bridging

Oxbridge is unique because it allows you to study from home and often assists those who have not completed their Matric as opposed to upgrading the Matric scores. From this institution, you get the N3 Technical Matric that is the equivalent of the National Senior Certificate.

Where can I rewrite my matric for free?

How to Register to rewrite your matric/Grade 12
Email: +27 63 696 7246 (Administration related. No voice notes)WozaMatrics WhatsApp: 061 505 3023 (Subject-related queries.

What is amended senior certificate?

An Amended Senior Certificate (SC) is equivalent to a National Senior Certificate (NSC) and is available to people who have been out of school for more than 5 years and would like to improve their final matric results. The SC document looks the exact same as the NSC.

Does Nsfas fund upgrading students?

In order to apply to a university or college, you may need to rewrite your matric to boost your results but may not have the funding to do so. Therefore, you might wonder if NSFAS covers matric rewrites. Unfortunately, if you did not pass your Grade 12 exams, you are not eligible for NSFAS funding.

Who qualifies matric upgrade?

To apply for the Matric Upgrade course, you need to meet the following requirements:
You must have completed your matric year and have your marks.You must be 21 years of age when writing the exams but can apply at 19 years of age.Can read and write in English or Afrikaans.