How do I know if I qualify for Telkom contract? Check it out | how to qualify for a contract phone at telkom

Telkom makes a few checks to ensure that you qualify. First, they make a credit check. Our research indicates that Telkom uses mainly Credit Expert and TransUnion for their credit checks. If your credit rating is not good enough, they will reject your contract application. How long does Telkom take to approve a contract? It … Read more

How does corruption occur in the private sector? Check it out | how corruption manifest itself in the private sector

A corporate culture of corruption is brought about by a multiplicity of factors such as competition and growth orientation, complicated leadership structures, and high levels of autonomy and discretion, with a lack of transparency, accountability and ethics. How does corruption manifest in the public sector? Systemic corruption in the public sector erodes public trust in … Read more

How do I change my SRD grant into my bank account? Check it out | how to change srd grant to bank account

How To Change SASSA Banking Details Go to to “How do I change my banking details”Enter your Identification Document Number (ID Number)Click on Submit.You’ll receive an SMS containing a secure link on your phone number.Click on the link to continue the instructions. How do I change my SRD from post office to bank? In … Read more

What documents do I need to change my surname in South Africa? Check it out | how to change surname at home affairs

Application For The Alteration Of The Surname Of A Major Application form BI-196 and form BI-529.Form DHA-9 – All applications for amendments of persons 16 years and older MUST include the finger print form. A birth certificate which shows parentage place of birth.Evidence of usage of the name to be registered. How do I change … Read more