Does clicks offer a pregnancy scan? Check it out | how much is pregnancy scan at clicks

If you think you may be pregnant, Clicks has home pregnancy tests for you to confirm your pregnancy. For the convenience of shopping for them online, click here. Clicks Clinics also offer pregnancy tests, as well as pregnancy and mother wellness services.

Does clicks clinic do Papsmear?

Get a Pap smear at Clicks Clinics

Pap smears are available at selected Clicks clinics nationwide — see here for a list of these clinics. Call 0860 254 257 to find your closest clinic offering this service, or book an appointment online.

What weeks do you have a scan when pregnant?

You should be offered at least 2 scans: an early pregnancy scan (dating or booking scan) between 11 and 14 weeks. a mid-pregnancy scan (also known as a fetal anomaly scan) between 18 and 21 weeks.

Does Dischem do Pap smears?

The Dis-Chem Wellness Clinic and Lancet Laboratories are offering pap smear testing at a discounted rate of R130. Get tested today!

Does clicks do family planning?

Clicks Clinics offer family planning that include: Consultations and injections: contraception, cycles, hormonal and fertility. Contraceptive and fertility injections administered as per your doctor’s prescription (dependent on stock availability)

What is the cost of Pap smear test?

Summary of Prices of PAP Smear Test

The cost of PAP Smear Test in India varies from ₹ 240 to ₹ 240 in 21 cities of India.

When should I go for my first scan?

Some doctors perform the first ultrasound exam around 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, often during the first prenatal visit. Others only recommend this exam if a woman has symptoms of a high-risk pregnancy—for example, bleeding, abdominal pain, or a history of miscarriage, birth defects, or pregnancy complications.

What can I expect from my first pregnancy scan?

The technician will put some gel on a handheld device called a transducer and move it across your belly. The transducer releases sound waves, which bounce off the fetus’s bones, fluids, and tissues to create an image of the baby in your womb. You’ll be able to see your baby on a video screen.

What scan shows boy or girl?

A second ultrasound is usually done between the 18th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy to make sure that the baby is growing and developing properly. It’s typically during the second ultrasound that parents can learn the sex of the baby.

Is Pap smear painful?

Usually a small spatula or tiny brush is used to gently collect cells from the cervix for the Pap test. You may feel a light scratching when they take the cells, or you may feel nothing at all. You may also have some staining or bleeding after. Gynecological exams should not be painful, but they may be uncomfortable.

How much is a Pap smear test in South Africa?

This testing process will cost about R400. The test has a 96 percent accuracy rate. And the woman will get her results within ten days via either fax, phone, email or a doctor’s appointment – whichever means that she specified on a form in the kit.