Does Connie Ferguson have a child with Shona? Check it out | how old is connie ferguson

Does Shona Ferguson have kids? The two love birds welcomed their only child Alicia Angel in June 2002. Alicia turned nineteen in June 2021. Alicia Angel, Connie’s second child, is a young music composer and musician.

Is Lesedi Ferguson Shona’s daughter?

Connie Ferguson’s daughter Lesedi Matsunyane has penned a heartfelt tribute to late TV producer and loving dad, Shona Ferguson. In place of her mom, Lesedi recently received the Editor’s Special Tribute award at the GQ MOTY 2021 awards on behalf of the late filmmaker.

How much are the Fergusons worth?

In 2021, it was estimated that Connie Ferguson’s total net worth was around $2 million, which is equivalent to around ZAR 30 Million. This net worth is cumulative of all her assets, money she has made from her acting and modeling career, her businesses, and endorsements deals.

Does Kagiso Rakosa have a baby?

Then gossip started doing the rounds that another Generations co-star, Kagiso Rakosa, was pregnant and Shona was the father, even though Kagiso isn’t even expecting – it’s her character, Sharon, who’s having a baby.

Is Shaun Ferguson married?

Personal life. Ferguson met actress Connie Masilo on 31 July 2001. They married in November of that year.

Does Lesedi Ferguson have kids?

Lesedi Ferguson is the mother of a son named Rowena. According to reports, Lesedi’s son was had out of wedlock. His father is Austin Malema.

Who is Shona’s grandson?

Connie and Shona Ferguson’s grandson Ronewa is already a superstar at age six. Actress Connie Ferguson is totes smitten with her grandson Ronewa, aka King Ro, and when he turned six recently the actress couldn’t help but gush about her love for the young king.

Who is the richest actor in South Africa?

Trevor Noah

According to Forbes magazine, Trevor is the fourth highest-earning comedian globally. With a net worth of $100 million, this South African-born Funnyman is among the richest celebrities in South Africa.

Where is Connie Ferguson House?

Instagram. Connie Ferguson’s house sits on several acres of land somewhere in the upscale suburbs of Johannesburg. From the above video shared by Connie on her Instagram account, it appears that the giant mansion is situated just under a hill and has the most spectacular view.

How much does Shona Ferguson earn?

Full details about the net worth of Shona Ferguson is $1.5 Million (Estimated).

Is Lucas Radebe rich?

How much is Lucas Radebe worth? According to the Rich & Famous website, Lucas Radebe’s net worth is $13 million. He is among the most successful soccer players for the South African National team. The player was at Leeds United FC in Europe.

Who is rich between Connie Ferguson and Shawn Mkhize?

Do you want to know who is richer between these two? Connie’s net worth is believed to be R22 million, while MaMkhize’s is R300 million. Connie Ferguson and her late husband Shona Ferguson established the Fergusons Foundation, which assists children from low-income households in settling down.

Is somizi a Millionaire?

What is Somizi’s Net Worth? Currently, Somizi net worth sits at an estimated 5 million USD which is the equivalent of just over 70 million cool South African Rands. With this figure, the media personality is one of the richest entertainers in Mzanzi.