Does gentle magic lotion lighten the skin? Check it out | how to use gentle magic products for best results

Gentle Magic Skin Care is an affordable range of products that enhances the skin on your face. The product is light enhancing and should be used if your dermatologist recommends it especially if you suffer from darkness of the skin, such as dark spots, it would be advisable to use it.

Can Gentle Magic remove pimples?

My acne is completely GONE! This product removed my cheek blackheads & stoped overall facial pimples and breakouts. This scrub lasts so long, a little bit covers the entire face. I threw out all other products.

Why is my skin peeling off after using Gentle Magic?

If the product you used is a type of peel or resurfacer, then it could quite possibly cause peeling, however, you need to be very diligent with using a good facial sunblock if you are using any form of peel or resurfacing product, otherwise, you will most likely form pigmentation.

How do you use Gentle Magic at night?

For best results: Apply the lotion every morning and evening with damp cotton wool and allow skin to dry. Gentle Magic Serum is a light-weight, intensive moisturiser enriched with Pro-Vitaminn B3, B5 and C to promote a blemish free, balanced complexion.

What is the purpose of Gentle Magic?

Gentle Magic Lotion is a deep cleansing astringent containing Ethyl Alcohol, ProVitamin B3 and special herbal extracts to help cleanse away oiliness and harmful germs, leaving with you a healthier,problem free skin.

What does gentle magic serum do to your face?

Helps to reduce blemishes. Protects against harmful sunlight. Increases vascular activity and oxygenation. Promotes healthy subcutaneous growth.

Does Gentle Magic contain hydroquinone?

No, Gentle Magic does not contain hydroquinone or any harmful ingredients.

Can I use Gentle Magic face mask everyday?

Apply 2-3 times a week.

Is Gentle Magic harsh for the skin?

Firstly, as the name suggests – this product is extremely gentle on the skin. I have been using it every day for the past month (or so) and it really didn’t affect my skin whatsoever. Girls with oily skin – this product is for you!