How are Dis-Chem points calculated? Check it out | how much is 1275 dischem points

You earn 1.5% of your purchase back in Benefit rewards on qualifying purchases every time you swipe your card in-store or online. Register for an online shopping account and your Benefit Card will automatically be linked to your online profile. You can redeem your Benefit rewards against your purchase at any time.

How do I redeem my Dis-Chem points?

Redeeming Benefit rewards | Dis-Chem. You can redeem your Benefit rewards against your purchase at any time. Simply swipe your card in-store and inform the cashier you would like to pay with your rewards. If you shop online simply choose the option to pay with your rewards at check-out.

Which garage gives Dis-Chem points?

When you visit a TotalEnergies Service Station and fill up, you can swipe your Dis-Chem Loyalty card and get Dis-Chem Benefit Points. For every 1 litre of fuel you will receive 10 Dis-Chem Loyalty Benefit Points. There is no limit in earning points i.e. you can earn limitless Dis-Chem Loyalty Benefit Points.

What do I do if I lost my Dis-Chem card?

If your card is lost or stolen, simply report it in-store, online, on the app or via our care line. A new card will be issued immediately in-store. A virtual card will be issued for online and app users, to enable you to continue shopping.

How many points do I need for Dis-Chem baby bag?

Members must shop at Dis-Chem to earn a minimum of 1275 rewards (R850 spend) on their Benefit Card from the Dis-Chem Baby join date in order to qualify for the baby bag.

Can I use my medical aid at Dis-Chem?

Bestmed is a medical aid scheme that offers their members extra value when joining the Dis-Chem Benefit Programme.

Does Dis-Chem have vouchers?

Dis-Chem. Gift card codes will be sent to specified recipients e-mail addresses.

How many distribution Centres does Dis-Chem have?

“The transactions allow Dis-Chem to own three of its five distribution centres and achieve a reduction in rental expenses incurred outside the group,” it said in a statement. “The ownership of the assets ensures that the group holds the necessary strategic assets for long-term growth.”

When did Dis-Chem list on the JSE?

Pharmacy group, Dis-Chem, says it will list on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), in the food and drug retailers sector, on 18 November, 2016. The group said that the offer price range per share for the initial price offering will be between R16.

Which garage uses clicks card?

Engen is now the exclusive ClubCard fuel partner. They have announced an exciting new partnership that rewards motorists every time they fill up and swipe their Clicks ClubCard at participating Engen service stations nationwide.

How does the new BP rewards work?

For every 20 gallons of BP fuel purchased, and a minimum of two transactions, consumers will earn five cents off each gallon (valid up to 20 gallons) on their next purchase. Rewards accumulate automatically so most drivers can receive a five cents-per-gallon reward with every other fuel purchase.

How does eBucks work for fuel?

Spend your eBucks by doing the following: Swipe your eBucks card and enter your 4-digit PIN when you buy from our in-store partners or fill up with fuel at Engen. Your eBucks card works like a debit card. The amount will automatically be deducted from your eBucks account — it’s that easy.

How do I register my pregnancy with Dis-Chem?

You can do this in one of two ways:

Register in store at the Customer Service Desk. Call the Dischem Careline on 0860 347 243.

Does Dis-Chem have an app?

The Dis-Chem app is free and available for anyone to use. Whether you’ve been a customer for a short while or a lifetime, you can enjoy the convenience of having your favourite pharmacy at your fingertips.

Can I email my prescription to Dis-Chem?

If you don’t currently have a chronic prescription with us, you can either SMS, email or drop off your prescription at any Dis-Chem pharmacy, or you can upload your script to the Dis-Chem app. To sign up for Dis-Chem Pack My Meds, click on to opt in.

How can I get free baby in South Africa?

Where to get free product samples for babies
Register for the Dis-Chem Baby Programme in store or phone their careline.Register your pregnancy and due date.Shop at Dis-Chem and earn a minimum of 975 benefit points.Visit the baby wellness clinic once for a check-up once your pregnancy has progressed past 20 weeks.

What is in the Netcare baby bag?

The bag contains the Netcare emergency and safety guide dealing with babies and children, various product samples and ample information to assist you on this new journey.

Does Discovery give you a baby bag?

If you are pregnant or have a baby less than three months old, you’ll receive a free Vitality Baby gift pack. When you register for Vitality Baby, you will receive a unique baby pack code which can be found online on your Vitality Baby profile.