How do I activate my new SIM card? Check it out | how to activate mtn sim card

Insert your new SIM card into your phone’s SIM slot, close the tray, and turn on your phone. To reset your network, you will need to go into your phone’s settings. For Android, go to Settings & tap Reset or Network Settings. Tap Network Reset and follow the prompts.

How long does it take for MTN SIM card to activate?

Once you’ve completed all the steps, your Self-RICA application will be reviewed; if all the information is correct, your SIM card validated within 24 hours.

How long can a MTN SIM card be inactive?

On MTN, we noted that you get a warning if your SIM hasn’t been used for 30 days. You also get another notice at day 85 of not using your MTN number. That’s 5 days before that SIM is scheduled to be deactivated.

How do I know if my MTN SIM is active?

Dial *135*4# to confirm your SIM’s RICA status or use the verification tool below.

How do I activate an inactive SIM card?

Once a SIM card has been deactivated, it’s not possible to reactivate it. Moreover, deactivating the SIM card returns the phone number associated with it to the pool of available phone numbers. It is therefore impossible to keep the phone number associated with a deactivated SIM.

What happens if SIM card is not activated?

Contact your network service provider and make sure the SIM ID on the card matches the SIM ID in your account with the service provider. Insert the SIM after your account has been updated. Restart your phone again and allow the activation process to complete fully.

Why does my SIM card not work?

Reset Network Settings

If your iOS or Android phone hasn’t been correctly configured, try to reset the network settings. Sometimes a network-related glitch can prevent your SIM card from working properly, so resetting the network settings to their default state should solve the problem.

How can I activate my SIM card online?

How to Activate My SIM Card Online
Try to use the SIM card. Insert the SIM card in the phone.Browse to the activation website listed on the packaging.Enter the phone number or SIM card number on the website. Follow the steps on the website and monitor your phone for any text messages.

How do I know if my SIM card is registered?

You can Dial *106# to check the status of your registration at any time. What happens if 1 capture the wrong details (mobile number and ID) when during the process of self-sim registration update? The agent will get a prompt from the system requesting them to capture the correct details.

How long does a new SIM take to activate?

The time for a SIM card’s activation can vary massively, depending on what the reason for the change is – most activations take between 15 minutes and four hours. If it’s still not working after this time, try to turn your phone off and on again. If it’s still not activated after that, try to re-insert the SIM.

How do I contact MTN customer care?

Instagram. 09033000001. Click Chat. Click HERE to chat with a customer. care agent.

Can I reactivate my MTN SIM?

Visit any MTN service centers or connect stores nearest to you with the following: Phone Number, NIN Number, Your full name, date of birth, state of origin and mother’s maiden name.

How do I Unsuspend my MTN SIM card?

Dial 135 and speak to an MTN agent and ask that your SIM card be suspended. You can suspend any SIM card you own, whether you’re on a prepaid or contract price plan. Dial 135 and speak to an agent for a detailed explanation of why your service has been suspended and how to get it reinstated.

How long does an inactive SIM last?

Telecom Regulations Authority of India (TRAI) has slipped in a new rule about unused prepaid SIM cards with lifetime validity which states that the number will be disconnected after 20 days of inactivity.

How do I reactivate my MTN SIM card South Africa?

Activate a MTN SIM by dialing *141# until you receive a SMS confirmation message. Important: After the MSISDN has been activated, the subscriber has 30 days to start using the SIM for the first time: – Create a billable event from the SIM – Data usage or a billable call.