How do I activate my rain SIM card online? Check it out | how to activate rain sim card

Kindly visit to activate your SIM. Enter your SIM’s unique code on the packaging, create an account and RICA online. Your SIM should be active within 2 hours of successful delivery/RICA, but this may take up to 24 hours in some cases. You will receive an SMS and email once your SIM is active.

How do I know that my rain SIM card is activated?

We’ll send you an SMS to let you know that your SIM is active. You can also sign in to your my rain page and look out for a green tick next to your SIM to confirm that it’s active on your profile.

Can I activate my rain SIM card anytime?

In order to reactivate your Rain SIM card, you need to settle your Rain account. In order to do that, log into your Rain account.

How do I activate my rain account?

Just add it to your cart, then select your plan and activate* at Top off your hi online order with a 4G SIM. Just add it to your cart, then select your plan and activate* at Grab a quick 4G SIM with your next order from Mr D Food.

How do I activate my unlimited SIM card?

HOW DO I ACTIVATE MY THE UNLIMITED SIM CARD? We do the activation for you. Pop your SIM into your device and switch it on, wait for your phone to display a signal.

Can I Rica my rain SIM card at clicks?

Rain, South Africa’s unlimited data network, has teamed up with Pargo to make rain SIM cards available at over 100 pick-up points in select Clicks stores.

Which bank does rain use?

Rain has partnered with Tymebank to test the distribution its SIM cards at Tyme kiosks, making it easier for its clients to sign up for a new service. Rain and Tymebank have a common shareholder, African Rainbow Capital, which means the two companies enjoy a strong collaborative relationship.

Why is my rain SIM not working?

If it’s already activated, the SIM will tell you so. Another possible solution to the Rain SIM card not working issue involves turning airplane mode on and off on your device. That sometimes resolves the issue for some people. You can also try putting the Rain SIM into another slot if you have a dual SIM phone.

How do I connect to the rain Network?

How to Configure Rain APN Settings on a Huawei Router
Connect your computer to your Rain WiFi network.Next, open a browser and type in 192.168. Press enter when done.Log into your Huawei router using the default username and password. Next, click on Settings.From there, click on Dial up.

Is Rain data really unlimited?

We offer a choice of plans to suit your needs, from 19 hours unlimited off peak for only R250 a month to unlimited 4G for R479 a month.

Does Rain SIM card work on phone?

You can use any LTE or LTE-A enabled device with your Cell C LTE SIM card. Please note, however, that you need to be in the Cell C Network coverage area. Unfortunately, the Rain SIM cards are locked to specific device types that are pre-approved for the Rain Network.

How many devices can connect to Rain?

Rain provides the Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 to it’s customers. According to Huawei, this router can connect up to 16 devices at once on the 5GHz band and 4 devices on the 2.4GHz band. We asked Rain and they told us that it’s possible to connect over 10 devices on their 5G broadband network.

How do you Rica a SIM card?

SIM card number. A photo of your identity document and your proof of residence. A selfie.

Tap Continue to close the welcome screen.Choose RICA my SIM to activate it. Tap Get started to begin the Self-RICA process.

How do I contact rain customer service?

You can contact our official customer support team through any of the following channels: Email: you can send an email with your inquiry to

How long does it take to Rica rain SIM online?

Hi there, the RICA process takes about 15 minutes, however, the holdup may be because of your documentation. Once approved, we’ll send you an email and your sim card will be activated.

How do I recharge unlimited airtime?

Use any ATM or your banking App. Buy airtime using the ATM or your cell phone banking App from Capitec, Standard Bank, ABSA or any other bank. Choose CellC airtime and load it onto you SIM card from The Unlimited. You will receive DOUBLE the value that you buy.