How do I buy Vodacom minutes for a week? Check it out | how to buy all network minutes on vodacom

Power Hour for a week
Power Hour for a week is available to Prepaid subscribers only.The Power Hour for a week bundle is R50 and allows you to get a 60-minute bundle every day for seven consecutive days. The bundle is available for purchase on *135# More Power menu, *135*60#

What is VC minutes on Vodacom?

What does VC mean? See attached. Hi Martin, that means that the minute bundles apply only to On-net (Vodacom to Vodacom) calls.

Can Vodacom minutes call any network?

All unused minutes will expire every day at midnight on the day of purchase. Call types that qualify for Chat For 60: Vodacom to any network voice calls.

How do I buy Vodacom voice data?

Voice bundles can be purchased using the online Self Service channels including the Vodacom website, Mobile Site and the My Vodacom App.

How do I get unlimited minutes on Vodacom?

How to Buy Vodacom all Net Bundles
Dial the USSD code *135# on your Vodacom phone and follow the prompts to make your purchase.You can also buy all net minutes through the My Vodacom app on your phone or tablet.

How do I buy Vodacom 180 minutes for 3 days?

Vodacom makes it possible to buy minutes and talk with people for over 180 minutes over 3 days for only R12 – R17.

They are good for calling friends and family and generally only work on Vodacom to Vodacom.
Dial *135#Select Just 4 You as an option.Click on Voice.Choose the best deal for you.Confirm your purchase.

What is the difference between minutes and airtime?

Airtime and airtime minutes are not the same thing. Airtime minutes are the talk time used on your phone, but are just a part of the overall airtime charges you can incur from a mobile provider. Some disposable phones now have the ability to talk, text, send MMS (multimedia messages) and browse the web.

How do I buy Vodacom airtime?

To recharge just dial *135*02#

Vodacom Express Recharge is availble to Prepaid, Top Up and uChoose customers.

How do I buy Vodacom minutes for another number?

Dial *135# on your Vodacom line to buy the Minutes. After that, select the actual Vodacom Minutes package you want to buy.

How do you use Vodacom bonus airtime?

Bonus airtime can only be used for: Vodacom to Vodacom calls, billed at R2.

The call types that qualify for the free minutes are:
Vodacom to Vodacom (on-net) voice calls.Callback to Vodacom (on-net)Call forwarding to Vodacom (on-net)Through-Connect to Vodacom (on-net)Conference calls to Vodacom (on-net)

What does voice minutes mean?

When you recharge airtime onto your phone and purchase or convert it to voice, you are given a number of minutes you can use to make voice calls which are called talk time.

What number do I dial to buy Vodacom data?

Dial *135# and follow the prompts to purchase a Daily Data bundle. To check your balance after buying the bundle, simply dial *135# or send an SMS with “balance” to 136.

What is the recharge code for Vodacom?

How to load Vodacom airtime. You will use the new Vodacom recharge code 136 to recharge your prepaid sim. The old 100 code is no longer in use. You have to dial *136*01*Voucher PIN# so that you load airtime.

How do I activate Vodacom Power Pack?

Dial *135*831# on your Power Pack sim and follow the steps to register and add a beneficiary. Once you have registered your cover will start on the 1st of the new month. You will need to be buying a minimum R50 Power Bundle to retain your cover. There is a grace period of 30 days should you miss a bundle purchase.