How do I check my remaining data? Check it out | how to check data on mtn

Tap on Network and Internet. Tap on Internet. Tap Cog next to your telco name. Here you can also see individual app data usage by tapping App data usage.

Checking how much data you’ve used on Android
Open the Settings app.Tap on Connections.Tap Data Usage.

How do I check my MTN data balance in South Africa?

The MTN data balance USSD code is *136#. It’s the same as the code for checking your airtime balance. You can get a detailed view of your balance by dialing *136*1#.

How do I check my data on MTN 2020?

You will be able to check your data bundle balance via the following channels:
SMS: Texting 2 to 131.USSD: dialing *131*4#myMTN App.

How do I check my data bundle?

To check the bundle balance, all you have to do is dial *123#. How to check 9mobile data balance: 4 ways you will love!

How much data do I have?

To find your data usage on an Android device, go to “Settings,” then “Data usage.” You’ll see your total usage for a given date range, which you can change to align with your billing cycle, plus a breakdown by application.

How can I check my mobile MB?

Dial the code *1411# on your mobile screen, the system will check the Mobily SIM balance and display it on your mobile screen. In order to check Mobily internet or data balance, you can dial the code *1411*1# on your mobile screen. The system will display the remaining internet balance on your mobile screen.

What is the code to check MTN balance?

Dial *556# on your mobile device then wait for an instant response from MTN revealing your airtime balance.

What is the code to check MTN number?

To check your MTN number, simply dail this short code *663# and your phone number will appear on the screen of your mobile phone. You don’t need to carry your SIM pack along with you any where you go or even call the customer care agent to know your number.

Which MTN plan gives 1GB for 200?

Which MTN data plan offers 1GB for 200 naira? The data plan that entitles users to 1GB for 200 naira is MTN4ME. This special package was introduced by MTN to give users access to exclusive data packages at affordable prices.

How do I check my data balance on MTN Ghana?

How do I check MTN data balance?
MTN Mobile Internet (Packages, bundles and More) – *138#Internet Bundle Balance (Check your MTN Data Balance) – *138*1#, select option 8 (check balance)To check bundle information – *126#Unlimited Internet Bundle (Unlimited Browsing) – *138*1*4#

How do I check my data balance on my MTN modem?

Q. How can I check the data balance of all my MiFi offers?
SMS: text 2 to 131.USSD: dial *131*4# or *131*1*5*4# from any MiFi linked phone number.MiFi Portal.myMTN App.myMTN web.

How many GB do I have?

In Case You Have an Android

Typically, storage capacity information is stored in Settings > Storage, however if you have a Samsung phone, you can find the total storage capacity information under Settings > Device Care.

How many GB do I have left on my internet?

Click the Settings icon in the right corner of the start menu bar. Then click the Network icon and open the menu. Right-click on the name of your network connection and select Show Estimated Data Usage. It’s that easy.

How Much cellular data Do I have?

If you’re an Android user you can check your data usage like this: Open Settings. Go to Network & internet. Under the Mobile tab you’ll see your total data use.