How do I get a new FNB eWallet PIN? Check it out | how to get a new ewallet pin

Here’s the eWallet PIN request steps:
Step 1: Dial *120*277*1# on your cellphone.Step 2: Press 1 to request a new eWallet PIN.Step 3: You will receive an SMS from FNB with your new eWallet 4-digit PIN.Step 4: Visit your nearest FNB ATM and use your new eWallet PIN to withdraw cash.

How can I get a new eWallet PIN without airtime?

Draw cash at an FNB ATM

Note: If you have no airtime, dial *130*277#. This will allow you to buy airtime from the eWallet funds. Next, dial *120*277# to get an ATM PIN.

How do I reset eWallet PIN?

How can I change my 6-digit pin from my Touch ‘n Go eWallet
Step 1: You need to click Profile icon (Top right).Step 2: Click on “Change 6-digit PIN”Step 3: Enter your current 6-digit PIN.Step 4: Enter your new 6-digit PIN.Below are related articles that might be useful for you :

How do I get my eWallet PIN sent to the wrong number?

Follow these steps on your phone to reverse your e-wallet:
Dial *120*321# on your phone to access mobile banking.Select “Send Money” (option 4).Select “eWallet reversal” (option 3).Now, select the transaction that you need to reverse.

How do I get a eWallet PIN in Namibia?

How do I get eWallet pin Namibia? You need a temporary ATM PIN to cash out all or part of the funds in the eWallet. You can get the temporary ATM PIN by using the dial string 120277# or using the FNB App. The temporary OTP is valid for only 30 minutes from the time it is sent.

How do I reverse eWallet in Namibia?

Please contact the FNB Namibia call centre on 061 299 2222. Please note there may be a charge when requesting a reversal. 2) What is the maximum balance of the eWallet? The maximum balance is N$2,000.

Can I renew my eWallet PIN online?

You can use the FNB eWallet shortcode to reset your ewallet PIN. Dial *120*277# then select reset password. Follow the prompts and will get to set another pin. There is no limitation to access FNB eWallet services as the service is also met for non-FNB customers.

How do I unblock FNB eWallet?

To get access to the funds after the eWallet has been blocked; you must go to the cellphone provider and ask for a SIM swap. You must then call FNB eWallet / Cellphone Banking Help Desk on 087 575 9405 to unblock the eWallet but for safety reasons all transactions including prepaid transactions will be limited to R200.

How long does eWallet money last?

According to FNB, the eWallet pin only lasts for 4 hours. If the receiver did not withdraw the funds within that period of time, then you would have to request, and send them a new pin manually.

Can I withdraw eWallet at Shoprite?

“Customers also get free unlimited Cash@Till withdrawals at retailers such as Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Boxer and selected Spar stores.

How can I get my eWallet pin without airtime Namibia?

How to receive money
140*392# to 01 access the eWallet.Select Get Cash.You’ll receive an SMS with a temporary ATM PIN which is valid for 4 hours.Go to an FNB ATM.At the ATM press the green button (enter/ proceed) and then eWallet Services.Key in your Cellphone number and temporary ATM PIN.

How long does eWallet last FNB?

eWallet Recepient

The pin that you receive to withdraw funds will expire in 4 hours from the time you receive it on your mobile. It is important that if you don’t have airtime, get to the nearest FNB ATM to withdraw the funds before the eWallet pin expires.

Can I transfer my eWallet to FNB account?

FNB – You can now transfer funds from your eWallet to your FNB Account via the FNB App.