How do I get a Sassa confirmation letter? Check it out | how to write affidavit for sassa

What you should do
Go to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office nearest to where you live and bring the following: Complete the application form in the presence of the SASSA officer (note that only you as the applicant or a SASSA official may complete the application form). You will be given a receipt.

Who is eligible for child grant in South Africa?

Requirements to receive a child support grant include being a primary caregiver, meaning the person responsible for the child should be a South African citizen or permanent resident, receiving less than R4 000 per month and if married, getting R8 000 per month combined salary.

How do I cancel my child support grant in South Africa?

The South African Social Security Agency has stated that in order for parents to cancel their SASSA Child grant, they must visit their nearest SASSA branch and submit the following documents: Letter of appointment or copy of latest payslip. Latest 3 months bank statement. Birth certificate of the child.

How do you write an affidavit letter?

Step 1: Decide what the title of your affidavit will be. Step 2: Put the name and personal background information of the person giving the information in the first paragraph. Step 3: Write an opening sentence in the first person tense. Step 4: Make an outline of the information given or state the facts of the case.

How do I make an affidavit?

Affidavits should always be in the first person. The person making the affidavit must swear or affirm that the contents are true. It should be done before a person authorized to take oaths in respect of the particular kind of affidavit. A person can either affirm or declare instead of swearing if allowed by law.

How do I appeal a R350 grant?

If you are not owed any UIF money, you can appeal your application through the SRD website:
Go to;Enter your ID number and the phone number you used to submit your application;Click the button that says “send pin” and follow the instructions.

How do I know if my R350 is approved?

Follow these simple steps, Go to the official website and check or add 082 046 8553 as a contact, Open your platform and refresh your contacts, Open a chat with the (082 046 8553) number you have saved. Send a message to the number saying ‘status.’ Now you will be able to check the progress on your grant.

How do I check my R350 grant balance?

How To Check Sassa R350 Balance Via USSD
Dial *120*69277# or *120*3210# on your cell phone (applicable without airtime)Choose your prefered language.Follow the voice prompt.

What documents are needed to apply for child grant?

What you should do
your 13 digit-bar-coded identity document (ID) and the child’s birth certificate. Proof of any maintenance you receive for the child.Proof of your earnings.Your marriage certificate (if applicable).If you are divorced, the court order saying that you have custody of the child.

Can a father apply for Sassa?

You can apply for the grant if you are the primary caregiver of a child (a parent, grandparent or anyone who’s mainly responsible to look after the child). You need to meet the following criteria to qualify: Be a South African citizen or have permanent residency.

How long does it take for Sassa child grant to be approved?

It will take 3 months for SASSA to approve a Child Support Grant application after you have completed and submitted the SASSA child grant forms. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) takes at most 90 days to process an application for the Child Support Grant and after that, approve it.

Does Sassa money expire if not withdrawn?

The funds that are waiting for them, as they don’t expire, can be collected at a later stage. The Post Office has also introduced a system to reduce waiting time for beneficiaries who collect their R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant.

Can I cancel Sassa child grant online?

Steps : Step 1 : Visit the official website of SASSA through provided above. Step 2 : Next, Scroll the pages down and click on the “Cancel Online” button at the end of the page.

How much child maintenance should a father pay South Africa?

In our law there is no set amount that a parent should pay for maintenance in respect of their child, and each case is decided based on the situation of the specific family. The generally accepted principle is that each parent is obliged to maintain his/her child, pro rata in accordance with his/her means.

What is an affidavit sample?

I ____ (Applicant Name as per id proof), residing at _______(Address as per address proof) do solemnly affirm and stated as under: I am _____ and my name _______, appearing on the enclosed ID proof, is single name.

How do you write an affidavit of support?

An Affidavit of Support must contain the following:
The person providing the Affidavit of Support’s full name, address, date, and place of birth.They should explain what their relationship with you and your spouse is (for example, friend or pastor)They must explain how they came to know you.

Can affidavit be given on plain paper?

Affidavit on a plain paper may also be accepted, provided it is properly stamped, i.e., provided stamps of proper value are affixed on it.