How do I load MTN recharge? Check it out | how to recharge mtn

To load or recharge an MTN line, dial recharge card PIN in the following USSD format: *555*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For example, If the airtime PIN is 1111 2222 3333, include *555*111122223333# and press Send or Ok on your phone’s dialler. If successful, you can dial *556# to check the account balance.

What is the code to recharge MTN?

Dial *136*10#

How do I recharge my MTN 10 digit card?

The new way to load your 10 digit mtn card is by dialing 3551Credit PIN#. It works for those recharge cards whose PIN is 10 digits in the number.

How do I top up MTN airtime in Ghana?

Once you have a Ding account created you send MTN recharge in 3 easy steps:
Select an amount to send.Enter the number you want to recharge.Choose your payment method. Once purchased, the MTN top-up is sent instantly.

How can I recharge my MTN 16 digit card?

On the MTN Recharge Card, you will find a 16-digit PIN. Make sure you look closely before buying to avoid the wrong slip. Simply dial *555*Recharge PIN# to load airtime on your line. Take, for example, the number on the card is 1234 5678 9012 3456, just dial *555*1234567890123456# to load it.

How do I load my MTN card with bonus?

A. Simple, just recharge using the *888*Recharge PIN#, VTU or other eligible channels. As soon as your recharge is successful, the full-face value of the recharge and airtime bonus will be credited in your Awuf4U account.

How do I buy MTN bundles in Ghana?

To activate: Dial *138*1# and choose your preferred bundle.

How can I buy airtime from Ghana?

Buying airtime for your friends and family in Ghana is easy with Rebtel.

Just follow these easy steps:
Enter the recipient’s phone number.Select the credit offer you’d like to send.Click “Next”Complete your order and you’re all set!

Which network has 15 digit recharge PIN?

Glo network has only fifteen (15) digit numbers of recharge card pin. Read this also: how to transfer bonus airtime on Glo network to your friends and loved ones.