How do I reset my NSFAS locked account? Check it out | how to unlock mynsfas account login

How To Reset Your myNSFAS Portal Password
Go to myNSFAS account.Click ‘forgot password’Type in your ID number.Choose one of the following options: Choose the relevant option.Click ‘submit’A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to you via SMS and email to the cellphone number and email you provided.

Why is my NSFAS profile locked?

Your NSFAS User Profile is locked because you entered the wrong username or password three times. When you type in the wrong password or username three (3) consecutive times because you want to log into your NSFAS User Profile account and access the information in it, your account will be blocked.

How do I unlock NSFAS online?

To unblock your NSFAS Wallet: Send an email to Please provide the following information in your email: For Any other NSFAS Wallet questions: Send an email to

What do I do if my NSFAS user profile is locked?

To unlock your my NSFAS Wallet, log into your myNSFAS account and go to NSFAS Connect. Create a case and submit a picture of your ID using a cell phone. Provide your current cell phone number and indicate that your NSFAS Wallet is locked.

How long does it take to unlock NSFAS account?

NB: The password you put should be unique, don’t use the old password or Enter New@2028 as a password; Your account will be unlocked immediately. If you are still having problems unlocking your NSFAS account, you can contact nsfas on

How do I know if my NSFAS account is locked?

NSFAS Wallet Locked? Here’s How To Unlock It
You will receive an SMS welcoming you to NSFAS Wallet.Once you receive SMS, open it and verify your account by dialing *134*176# and reply with your ID number.You will then receive a password that you will use when transacting.

How long does it take to reset NSFAS password?

Luckily changing or resetting your myNSFAS portal password is very easy as long as you have your ID number and mobile phone you are registered with. Follow the next 6 steps and you will have a new password within 5 minutes.

Can I create a new NSFAS account?

Go to NSFAS website online. At the top right side of the page, click on myNSFAS tab. Make sure you have all your supporting documents with you. Then, click on “Register” to begin the process.

How do I reset my NSFAS wallet?

How To Reset Your NSFAS Wallet Account
Log on to your myNSFAS account by going to myNSFAS.Log into your account.Click NSFAS Chat.Now you will be able to talk to a consultant.You then will say that you want to reset your NSFAS Wallet account.

How do I chat with NSFAS?

Log into the NSFAS website at and click on myNSFAS, OR. Go directly to the self-service portal for myNSFAS. Enter your email address and password to sign in to your account. Click on NSFAS Chat.

Why can’t I access my NSFAS portal?

You Can’t Log In To MyNSFAS Because of Account Locked

You’ll therefore need to unblock your account before you can get access to your account again. To do that, read How To Unlock MyNSFAS Account for the guide to unlocking your account successfully.

How do I change my email address on myNSFAS?

How to change MynSFAS Account email.
Go to on MyNSFAS Account and login with your username and password.Click on My Personal Details tab.Enter your new email address.Click on Update Your Details.You have successfully changed your Mynsfas account email address.