How do I transfer airtime to another number? Check it out | how to transfer airtime on telkom

Here are the steps:
Dial *111#Pick the Transfer Airtime option (Option 3)Enter your 111 PIN (If you don’t have one, you can set it up in the 111 main menu)Enter the number you want to send to.Enter the amount you want to send.

How do I transfer data from Telkom to Telkom?

Step 1: Select *180#. Step 2: Press the Telkom call button. Step 3: Select option 4, the data grouping option. Step 4: Select option 2, which is to transfer the sending time or data.

How do you transfer airtime from Telkom to MTN?

To transfer airtime:
Dial *136*3# and follow the prompts.Or dial *136*6328*(cellphone number you’re sending airtime to)*(value of airtime)#

How do I send Telkom credit?

Dial *140# to transfer Now. Share your airtime with friends and family with Pasha and keep the communication going.

How do I transfer airtime from Telkom to Vodacom?

Send airtime to another user
Vodacom – *135*072# (*135*1002# for data transfer)MTN – *136*3#Cell C – *147*333* recipient cellphone number* amount of airtime#Virgin Mobile – *106*2#Telkom Mobile – *180# and select Transfer Airtime option.

How do I send airtime to Zimbabwe?

SEND AIRTIME TO ZIMBABWE!!! To do it, dial *130*567# from your Mukuru registered cellphone.

Can you transfer emergency airtime on Telkom?

– Emergency Airtime can be used for any transaction on the Telkom Network. i.e. Voice, SMS or Data. Can I do Airtime Transfer with my Emergency Top Up? – Yes, a customer will be allowed to transfer airtime to another Prepaid customer as per the current Airtime Transfer business rules.

How do I convert Telkom night data to day data?

According to Telkom South Africa, night data cannot be turned into day data. The reverse is also true; day data cannot be turned into night data.

Can you transfer airtime from Telkom to Cell C?

How do I transfer airtime from my Telkom network to a CellC network? Its not possible to transfer data from one network to another. Each network provider has different rates and promotions with their data packages and bundles.

How do you transfer airtime on Telkom 2022?

Transferring Airtime from Telkom Mobile to another Telkom Mobile Prepaid customer.
Dial *180#Select option 3 to Transfer Airtime.Choose the amount of airtime you would like to choose from, options will be show in Rand value, R10, R20 and R50.Enter the recipients Telkom Mobile cellphone number.Confirm the transaction.

How do I convert airtime to cash in South Africa?

USSD code *600*27*474# and a prompt will come up to confirm or cancel. Method 2: Smartphone users can choose USSD or use the QR code. Scan QR code at till point or another smartphone where the charged amount is captured.

How do I find out my Telkom number?

Simply dial *1# for Telkom number check, and your number will pop up on the screen. You can also use the Telkom Please Call Me option to check your number on another phone.

How do I buy a Telkom bundle for another number?

Dial *222# using your mobile phone and subscribe. 2. Visit and follow the simple steps provided.

How do I Sambaza Telkom bundles to Safaricom?

Sambaza Internet
Dial *544#Select Internet Sambaza.Enter amount of internet data bundles to Sambaza.Enter the mobile number you want to sambaza.