How do I transfer airtime to another number? Check it out | how to transfer airtime on vodacom

Many people prefer this method to the text message method because it is easy. If you want to transfer airtime from your MTN line to another MTN line using the USSD code, this is the format you should use; *600*Recipient’s phone number*Airtime amount*Transfer pin#, then press the dial button.

How can I transfer data from Vodacom to Vodacom?

How to transfer data
To get started dial *135#Access “Services” via the services selection.Select “Next” to access the next menu.Choose the “Data Transfer” option.Pick the data bundle you wish to transfer.Select the amount of data you wish to transfer to your recipient.Choose your recipient.Confirm your selection.

How do I send Vodacom recharge?

Vodacom’s recharge me service is an alternative to the normal callme service.
Vodacom gives you 10 free call-backs [call me(s)] a day – did you happen to run out of them? Option 1: Dial *140#Option 2: Dial *140* 02 * Vodacom number # Done!

How do I transfer airtime from Vodacom to MTN?

Send airtime to another user
Vodacom – *135*072# (*135*1002# for data transfer)MTN – *136*3#Cell C – *147*333* recipient cellphone number* amount of airtime#Virgin Mobile – *106*2#Telkom Mobile – *180# and select Transfer Airtime option.

How do you send airtime?

To register and share airtime, follow these easy steps:
1Dial *147# and select Airtime Share.2Select “Activate Airtime Share” and start sharing airtime.3Select the amount you want to share.4Enter the Cell C Prepaid or Top Up cellphone number.5Confirm your transaction.

How do I recover my share and sell pin?

Step 1: Go to Your Message, Then create a new Message and Type Yes. Step 2: Wait for a few Minutes, MTN will send you a message exactly like this: welcome to share & sell, your default new pin is 0000. MTN recommends you reset the pin.

What is Vodacom USSD code?

Code: *135# What it does: If there’s one code to remember, it’s this one, since the services menu gives you access to all other USSD services from Vodacom, including promotions. If you forget a code, you can access the services menu and find the option to access a specific service there.

How do I activate Vodacom family share?

All sharing must be done via the Vodacom online channels and the My Vodacom App, where the sharing subscriber will be required to register and login to perform the sharing.

Can I transfer mobile data to someone else?

Almost all newer cell phones (and 3G Tablets) have the ability to share a data connection with others. All it really requires is a phone or tablet with a data plan and one of several built in tools like the built in Personal Hotspot feature on newer iPhones and iPads or MyWi on older ones.

Is it possible to reverse airtime?

Can I Reverse My Airtime Purchase With Another Phone Number? For you to be able to reverse your airtime purchase back as cash in the bank you must make sure that the phone number used in making the purchase is a registered number with the bank. Reversals of airtime purchases using other users’ numbers are not allowed.

How do I convert airtime to cash in South Africa?

USSD code *600*27*474# and a prompt will come up to confirm or cancel. Method 2: Smartphone users can choose USSD or use the QR code. Scan QR code at till point or another smartphone where the charged amount is captured.

Can you transfer data from Vodacom to MTN?

1 Answer. There is no way you can transfer data from MTN to a different mobile network like Vodacom.

Can you transfer Vodacom data to another number?

All Vodacom data bundles will be available for transfer free of charge. You may not transfer all free data bundles. Data Bundles can only be transferred on a set number of days before expiry: Bundles with validities less than 1 day can be transferred immediately.

How do I transfer Vodacom monthly airtime?

For Contract customers, the cost of the airtime will simply be added to your monthly bill. To get started, download the My Vodacom App and follow the steps to login. On the app homepage, select the ‘More’ menu at the bottom of the screen. Then select ‘Airtime Transfer’ from the menu options.

How does Vodacom family share work?

Family Share allows you to send data to family and close friends who are Vodacom contract or top-up customers. You can divide data among your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) using a Data Sharing SIM card. You can share data with up to six other people.

What is a recharge PIN?

Card. Recharge cards contain a highly secure scratch pad hiding the pin code which make them ideal to reload ADSL and 4G LTE internet, cellular and fixed phone accounts. They can be produced based on different materials like paper (cardboard) and PVC in compliance with ISO ID-1 (85x54mm) format.