How do I withdraw money from Sassa cardless ATM? Check it out | how to withdraw money without sassa card

SASSA Cashless ATM cannot do SASSA cardless withdrawal. For you to be able to do SASSA cardless withdrawal, you need to open a bank account with a bank which will allow you to do the cardless cash withdrawal.

How do I withdraw money from Sassa cardless R350?

The agency said those wanting to collect their R350 grant through cardless banking at an ATM must make sure they Rica their cellphone number. “If they choose to be paid through their bank accounts they must ensure the bank account provided is registered in their name.

How can I withdraw money without my card?

Ways to Withdraw Money Without a Debit Card
Write Yourself a Check.Use Your Bank’s Cardless ATM.Use a Prepaid Card.Use a Payment App from Your Smartphone.Emergency Cash Service.

How do I transfer my Sassa grant to my bank account?

In order to change the payment method beneficiaries can go to: and then click on “How do I change my banking details” to change the method of payment from cash send to the Post Office or a personal bank account.

How do I get Sassa R350 with bank account?

How SASSA Verifies Bank Details For R350 Grant Applications
Go to your ID Number.An SMS containing a secure link will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during application.Click on the link in the SMS and follow the instructions carefully.

Can I withdraw Sassa money at Pick n Pay?

“If you have already reapplied for your SRD grant, you can still select the option to collect your grant from any Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers or USave. Log on to and respond to the security SMS you receive on your phone.

How do I get my R350 cash send?

You must have a cellphone with a registered cellphone number and proof of identification. PicknPay or Boxer stores are also an option for the millions of R350 SRD grant beneficiaries. You must however wait for an SMS from Sassa confirming that your money is available.

Can I get a new Sassa card at the post office?

How do I apply for new Sassa card? Visit any Post Office branch, present an identity document and you will be issued with the new card within minutes. The new card can also be obtained from Sassa offices nationwide. Special arrangements are made for immobile beneficiaries who cannot visit a Post Office.

Can I collect my R350 grant at Pick n Pay?

Can I Collect My SASSA R350 Grant Payment At Pick n Pay? Yes, you can collect your SASSA R350 grant payment at Pick n Pay stores.

Can I use my phone to withdraw money?

Cardless ATMs are now being offered by some of the top banks, making accessing your cash even easier. With secure apps installed on your mobile phone, you can access your digital wallet to withdraw the money from a cardless ATM. Your phone is already at your fingertips — now your cash will be too.

Can we withdraw money from ATM without card?

As long as you have activated internet banking and downloaded the bank’s mobile banking app of your bank on your smartphone, you can withdraw cash from ATMs without the card.

Can I withdraw money from any bank branch?

Do banks impose limit on cash withdrawal from non-home branches? Yes, banks have imposed a limit on withdrawal from non-home branch. For instance, if you have a savings account with State Bank of India, you can withdraw up to Rs 50,000 a day at a non-home branch, using the withdrawal form accompanied with the passbook.

Does Sassa money expire if not withdrawn?

The funds that are waiting for them, as they don’t expire, can be collected at a later stage. The Post Office has also introduced a system to reduce waiting time for beneficiaries who collect their R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant.

How do I check my R350 grant balance?

How To Check Sassa R350 Balance Via USSD
Dial *120*69277# or *120*3210# on your cell phone (applicable without airtime)Choose your prefered language.Follow the voice prompt.

How do I check the balance on my Sassa R350 at the Post Office?

If you would like to check your SASSA grant balance on the Post office SASSA card there are various remedies to that. You can use the USSD method by Diali 120*3210#, follow the prompts and enter your ID number and your balance should appear.

How do I check my Sassa R350 payday advance?

How To Check Your Status Online
Go to the SASSA SRD grant website.Scroll down to ‘Application status’Click on ‘Click here to check online’Fill in the required fields.You should then be able to see the status of your R350 grant application.

Is Sassa R350 grant extended?

Following the lifting of the National State of Disaster, the grant will be provided under a new legislative framework. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the grant will be extended for a year from April 2022 to March 2023.

Can I collect my R350 grant at any post office?

The Post Office says beneficiaries of the R350 Social Relief of Distress grant who used to get their money from the Post Office will now only be able to collect it at Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers or USave merchants. This is to reduce the long queues for other beneficiaries at its branches.