How do you dial a please call? | how to make a please call with mtn

How to send a basic please call me message
Begin by dialling the MTN please call me code *121*Follow the code with the recipient’s number (the person you’d like to call you back)Input # after the number.You should have something like *121*083 001 0001#Press the call button on your dialer app.

What is the MTN code for call me back?

Available MTN “call me back” codes

USSD Code: *133*2*recipient number#. USSD Code: *133*3*recipient number#. USSD code: *133*4*recipient number#.

How do you send a please call me on Iphone?

By dialling *140*[number]#, you can send a Please Call Me to the recipient of your choice.

How do I make a call on MTN without airtime?

MTN Pay4Me

This is an MTN-to-MTN service that lets you ask the person you’re about to call to pay for the phone call. They either press ‘1’ to accept your call or ‘0’ to decline it. If they don’t have airtime they’ll receive a missed call SMS.

How do you beep on MTN?

MTN Beep Service is an auto-triggered beep call that allows customers who have run out of airtime, or those with insufficient airtime on their lines, to flash their loved ones. It will appear as a missed call on their number, you can visit

What is MTN code * 131 * 2?

A. Simply subscribe to any of the XtraValue bundles by: Dial *131*2# OR *123*2*5# and select any XtraValue plan of your choice. Send keyword of preferred XtraValue plan to 131.

What is * 344 * 2 used for in MTN?

Buy another mPulse Education bundle by dialling *344*2# to continue browsing on mPulse website. Buy another Fastlink data plan by dialing *131*1# or *904#, Borrow data by dialing *606#

What is * 447 used for in MTN?

You can now manage your content services. Just dial *447# to activate or cancel any of your content services. Sabiru Ibrahim Isa and 141 others like this.

What is a please call text?

A “Please Call Me” SMS is a free network service that allows cell phone users to send a text to another cell phone user asking them to call.

How do I tell someone to call me?

Asking People to Call You in Informal Contexts
Please call me when you are free.If you can manage your time, can you call me tonight?Call me later, please.Don’t forget to call me please, it’s urgent.If you are available this weekend, please call me. Hey! Call me as soon as possible.

How can I send a call me back?

To get started you have to dial *100*2# OK and follow prompts to send a call me back message.

What MTN 141?

Recharge another MTN number using a Prepaid voucher. *141*(voucher number)*(cellphone number to be recharged. Then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the recharge.

How do I check my MTN number?

Dial *156# You’ll see a pop-up showing your MTN mobile number. Simply write it down, screen record, or take a screenshot, depending on the features of your phone.

How can I activate MTN Magic Voice?

To subscribe to an MTN Magic bundle, simply dial the code *211# on any phone or in the MyMTN app if the customer has an Android phone/smartphone.

Does MTN midnight call still exist?

MTN Night Voice bundles are on-net (MTN to MTN) voice offers, available for purchase any time of the day, however can be used between 00.00 – 04.59:59.

How do you send call me back?

This service allows subscribers initiate a request to another UTCL number to call them back. It’s free. To send, Dial *155# and follow prompts.

What is * 904 in MTN code?

The *904# is a mobile USSD code that allows you the ease of buying airtime and data directly from your bank accounts to mobile phones, at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. This service is also called MTN ON Demand.

What is MTN code * 406?

MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan that allows you to enjoy a FLAT rate of 11.26k/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks in Nigeria after the first 90 seconds call of the day at 27k/sec. With MTN Pulse, “You Talk more, Laugh more and Love more”. To join MTN Pulse, text 406 to 131, dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

What is ## 002 MTN code?

MTN code to cancel call divert

You can cancel any call forwarding on your MTN line by just dialing #002#. Use ##21# to check the status of your MTN line.