How do you greet in deep Xhosa? Check it out | how are you in xhosa

How do you greet in Xhosa? How do you greet in Xhosa? Molo is used to greet one person and Page 9 • Molweni is used to greet more than one person.

How do u greet in Xhosa?

What are some basic Xhosa greetings?
Hello (singluar) – Molo.How are you? (singular) – Unjani?I am fine – Ndiyaphila.Hello (to more than one person) – Molweni.How are you? (to more than one person) – Ninjani?We are fine – Siyaphila.Stay well (goodbye to more than one person) – Salani kakuhle.

How do you say how are you doing in Xhosa?

See a translation. Molo , unjani ?

How do you respond to Unjani?

Unjani? (how are you?) Ngiyaphila (I am fine.) Unjani wena? (and how are you?) Ngiyaphila nami.

How do you respond to Kunjani?

Usual responses to “Kunjani” are Sikhona or Sisaphila. The Xhosa greeting, Molo, and the Sotho and Tswana Dumela have similar meanings. All South Africans shake hands when they greet.

How do you respond to Enkosi?

As mentioned in our post on 16 May, another good thing to know is that when politely accepting or politely rejecting an offer in Xhosa, the reply is either “Hayi, enkosi” (No, thanks) or “Ewe, enkosi” (Yes, thanks) and not “Yes, please” as in English.

How do you thank someone in Xhosa?

Courtesies Thank you. Ndiyabulela. Thank you very much. Ndiyabulela kakhulu.

What is the meaning of Unjani?

English Translation. you are.

What is Enkosi?

Thank you’. Note: Used chiefly among Xhosa-speakers. Cf. inkosi.

What is the meaning of Ngiyaphila?

Interjection. ngiyaphila. I’m well, I’m fine.

How have you been meaning reply?

You could answer both questions by saying “Not too bad,” or “So far, so good,” or just “Great!”

How do you say I’m tired in siswati?

I am fine Ngikhona. I am well Ngiyaphila. I am tired Ngidziniwe.

What can I say in Xhosa?

Useful Xhosa Phrases for Visitors to Cape Town
Hello – Molo (singular) Molweni (plural)How are you? – Unjani? ( I’m fine thanks and you? – Ndiphilile?What is your name? – Ungubani igama lakho? My name is … – Igama lam ngu …Where are you from? Uvela phi?I’m from … – Ndivela e …I don’t understand – Andiva.

What is Wenzani?

English Translation. what you do. More meanings for wenzani. what are u doing.

How do you respond to Ngiyabonga?

Ngiyabonga kakhulu/ ngibonga kakhulu. Please. Ngicela You are welcome.

What is the meaning of Ngiyabonga?

thank you. interjection. en an expression of gratitude.