How do you send a call me on Vodafone? Check it out | how to send a please call me on vodacom

To use the service, simply dial *119*recipient’s number# and send. This service is absolutely free of charge and only available to Vodafone prepaid customers.

How do I send Please call me on my phone?

The Please Call Me code is *126*PHONENUMBER#. For example, *126*8761234567#. A confirmation message will advise the request has been sent.

How many Please call me does Vodacom have?

Vodacom Please Call Me Number South Africa

The Vodacom please call me USSD code for South Africa is *140*target number#. The target number is the one to which you are sending the please call me. An example would be *140*673344555#.

How do you send a please call back?

MTN callback- How to send a Please Call Me on MTN

To use this feature, dial MTN Please Call Me USSD *121* receiver’s number# where the recipient’s number is the mobile number of the person you want call you back.

How do I request a call me?

Now, I’ll share some expressions that you can use to ask someone to call you.
Please call me when you are free.If you can manage time, can you call me tonight?Call me later, please.Don’t forget to call me please, it’s urgent.If you are available this weekend, please call me. Hey! Call me as soon as possible.

How do you send a call me?

Call Me’ lets you send a free text to a friend asking them to call you back. Just text your friend’s number to 50148. For example, if your friend’s number is 0899999999, just text 0899999999 to 50148. Your friend will then receive a “hey, call me” message from your phone.

Does 31 make your number private?

If your phone is on a GSM network (e.g., most Androids), you can always dial #31# to block your caller ID.

How do I find out what my number is?

Check Your Phone Settings

On Android the most common path to finding your number is: Settings > About phone/device > Status/phone identity > Network.

What is the code for please call me?

Dial *266*1*Recipients number# to send “Please Call Me; thank you”. Dial*266*2*Recipient’s number# to send “Please Call me I landed safely”. Dial*266*3*recipient’s number# to send “Please Call Me, I am now available”.

How do I make free calls on Vodacom?

The Daily Free Calls price plan is only available to existing prepaid customers who are currently on the plan. If these customers free change out via existing channels (*135*01# USSD, 1181 IVR, MyVodacom App, or the Vodacom Portal) then they will not be able to free change back.

How do I get my number on Vodacom?

Simply dial *135*501# on your phone and your number will be displayed on screen.

How do I Personalise my Vodacom call back?

To personalise your call-back means to add your name or any other word you’d like the person you are sending a call-back to see. – You will be prompted to enter your name, do so and press OK on your phone. Please note: You may only personalise your call-back once a day.

How do I make a Pay4Me?

Pay4Me launched on Friday, 24 October 2014, and is available to all its customers, MTN said. To place an MTN Pay4Me call, subscribers need to dial 127, then input the number they wish to call and press the call button. Alternatively, they can dial *127*#.

How do I activate my Vodacom voicemail?

It’s affordable

And, even if you’ve subscribed to the service, you can choose to listen to your voicemails instead, if you find yourself yearning for 2012. To activate the service call 082 111 free from your Vodacom phone, or log in to My Vodacom.

How do I activate voicemail on Vodafone?

To set it up the first time:
Go to the star screen and select the phone symbol.Choose voicemail.Choose Set Up and create your voicemail password, then tap done.Select Custom or Default. If you choose Custom, you can record a greeting then press Save.

How do I turn my voicemail on?

On the Android mobile client: Tap the menu icon, and then Settings > Voicemail. Switch the Voicemail slider to On (green).