How do you send a callback on Telkom? Check it out | how to send a call back on telkom

To send a please call me, a person needs to dial the Telkom call back number (*140*Receiver’s Number#) and press enter. The sender can also edit or personalize the “Please Call Me” to have a specific name or characters.

What is Telkom call back code?

Dial *140*contact of the person you want to call you#. Another USSD code for Telkom call back service is *140# which will enable you to access the Call Me menu.

How do I send a please call me?

Please call me is a service intended to inform other people to call you back. To send a Please call me, dial *140*destination number# OK. A “Please call me” SMS will be sent to a destination number with your phone number as the sender.

How do you send Please call me from Telkom to Safaricom?

How to send someone a Please Call Me Back text message on Safaricom network
On your phone’s dial pad, press “*130*” followed by the recipient’s number such as *130*0722222222# then press “call”The recipient should receive a text message with the word “Please Call me”.

How do you send a please call me on Kenya Telkom?

Telkom Kenya please call me

Start by dialing #123# OR *100# and then enter the option five that stands for Products and Services. In the following menu, you will be asked to enter the phone number of the individual you want to send the request to, and then send the request.

How do I check my missed calls on Telkom?

From the home screen, press the Menu soft key.Scroll to Call log then press the OK soft key.Scroll to Missed call then press the OK soft key.The missed call records will be displayed.

How can I get free data from Telkom?

Step 1: Dial *444*58# USSD code on your mobile phone. Step 2: Select option 1 and click on ok to fully subscribe to free Telkom bundles. Step 3: Press connect to enjoy your free Telkom data every month. This method helps you get 1GB free Telkom data on a monthly basis.

How do I activate my Telkom Mobile voicemail?

Voicemail. *64# Activate call forwarding to voicemail immediately. #64# Deactivate call forwarding to voicemail immediately. *65# Activate call forwarding to voicemail on Busy.

What is the Telkom recharge number?

dial *188*vouchernumber# to recharge. once complete you will receive an SMS confirming your account has been recharged directly from the network.

How do I send a call me back on SMS?

The Call-me-back SMS service will allow a prepaid user to get a call-back from another Airtel number (prepaid or postpaid) in case of insufficient balance. To use this feature, a user just needs to send a toll-free SMS with the word CALL to 121.

Who invented call back?

A big relief’ – Court orders huge payout for Vodacom’s ‘Please Call Me’ inventor. ‘Please Call Me’ inventor Nkosana Makate. Please Call Me inventor Nkosana Makate is entitled to 5% of total voice revenue generated by his invention, the High Court has ruled.

Does Airtel have reverse call?

If you have done a wrong transaction, you can call 1522 and request for a reversal. If you send money erroneously to another Airtel customer, you can reverse the transaction without having to call the call center, by following the steps below; For an immediate transaction you will dial: *222#.

How do I register my Telkom line in Kenya?

The Process
Visit any Telkom Shop Country wide.Request & fill MNP form.Present your ID documentation to Shop Agent.Purchase new SIM card @KSh 60.Send SMS ‘Hama’ to 1501 from current mobile line.Receive confirmation SMS of Successful MOVE.