How do you send a please call from Telkom? Check it out | how to make a please call with telkom

Here’s how to send a please call me on Telkom, just like other South African networks, sending a “Please Call Me” on Telkom Mobile is simple. You dial *140* add person’s number, press # and hit Send. Once you’ve pressed send, you will receive a message saying that the “Please Call Me has successfully been sent”.

How do you send a please call me?

Please call me is a service intended to inform other people to call you back. To send a Please call me, dial *140*destination number# OK. A “Please call me” SMS will be sent to a destination number with your phone number as the sender.

How do you make a please call?

Just dial *140* recipient’s number# where the number is the mobile number for the person you want to contact. For example, *140#082123456#. By doing this, a Please Call Me SMS from your Vodacom line will be automatically sent to the recipient’s number at no cost.

How do you send Please call me from Telkom to Safaricom?

How to send someone a Please Call Me Back text message on Safaricom network
On your phone’s dial pad, press “*130*” followed by the recipient’s number such as *130*0722222222# then press “call”The recipient should receive a text message with the word “Please Call me”.

How do you call Telkom without airtime?

Please call me Telkom USSD Code

You may be in a fix and do not have enough airtime to make a call or send short message, yet you urgently need to talk to the person on the other end. Dial *140*contact of the person you want to call you#.

How do you send a call Me text?

Call Me’ lets you send a free text to a friend asking them to call you back. Just text your friend’s number to 50148. For example, if your friend’s number is 0899999999, just text 0899999999 to 50148. Your friend will then receive a “hey, call me” message from your phone.

How do you send call me back?

They might be the leaders in mobile money services but the company also has a fleet of other services including the “call me back” message to help you. To access this service you have to dial *160*5*7# to get to the welcome page where you reply with the phone number you would like to send a message to.

How do you send a please call me on Digicel?

The Please Call Me code is *126*PHONENUMBER#. For example, *126*8761234567#. A confirmation message will advise the request has been sent.

How do I personalize my cell C callback?

You can personalise your Please Call Me by dialling *111*1# and following the on-screen prompts. If you are on a prepaid plan you qualify for this free bundle to keep you connected. Simply dial *123# and follow the on-screen prompts.

How do I check my cell C number?

How to Check Your Number on Cell C
Dial *147#The display gives you 8 different options to select from.Choose option 8 (Customer info)

What is the MTN Please call me code?

Please Call Me

This is the basic call-back text message you can send to someone if you want him/her to get in touch with you. To send this type of call back. Dial *133# code from your Mtn Line >>> Input the phone number of the receiver (MTN only) >>> Select 1 for call me.

How do you send a please call me on Kenya Telkom?

Telkom Kenya please call me

Start by dialing #123# OR *100# and then enter the option five that stands for Products and Services. In the following menu, you will be asked to enter the phone number of the individual you want to send the request to, and then send the request.

How do I buy Telkom airtime via mpesa?

How to Top Up via M-PESA
Go to the M-pesa Menu.Select Paybill.Enter business number 777711.Enter Account your Telkom Mobile Number.Enter the amount.Enter your M-pesa pin then send.

How do I activate my Telkom SIM card?

SIM Activation:

Telkom SIMs need to be activated individually and by inserting the SIM in a handheld device. Activate a Telkom SIM by dialing *101# two to three times and restarting the device until you receive a balance SMS confirmation message.

How do I find out my Telkom number?

To check your number on Telkom mobile in South Africa, you simply need to dial *1# from your Telkom SIM. You will get your number on the screen, along with your phone’s IMSI. The Telkom number is the one given as the MSISDN.

How do I convert airtime to minutes on Telkom?

How to Convert Telkom Airtime to Minutes. To convert Telkom airtime into minutes, you need to dial the USSD code *180#. Follow the prompts to turn your airtime into voice bundles.