How do you use GynaGuard soap? Check it out | how to use gyna guard bar soap

Directions: Use daily in shower or bath. Apply small amount of wash and massage gently into a lather. Rinse with clean water.

How quickly does GynaGuard work?

Lastly, GynaGuard Vaginal Capsules7 work while you sleep, to restore natural vaginal flora and restore pH balance. Simply insert 1 capsule into the vagina for four nights. Another two common types of vaginal infections are bacterial vaginosis and trichomonas vaginitis.

Does GynaGuard help with smell?

GynaGuard Intimate Comfort Gel helps provide comfort by relieving irritation and discomfort and providing odour control.

What is GynaGuard good for?

Gyna Guard Ultimate Intimate Wash 140ml is a sensitive, soap and fragrance-free wash for intimate hygiene. Recommended for daily use, it effectively kills bacteria and the most resistant strains of Candida.

How often should you wash your privates with soap?

Stick to cleaning once a day. If you wash any less, you might not be getting rid of the buildup of sweat and secretions; if you do it any more than once a day, you could be disrupting the delicate balance of your vaginal area.

Does Gynaguard help with infection?

For women prone to infections

Suitable for restoring an ideal pH balance and soothing discomfort and irritations caused by dryness. Gently rinses away odour causing germs, without causing dryness or irritation. Provides relived from intimate discomfort and irritation.

How many times should I use the intimate wash in a day?

A feminine wash, also called an intimate wash, is used to ensure perfect genital hygiene. It must be used on a daily basis, at least once a day.