How do you use Hellopeter? Check it out | how do i check a company on hello peter

Once signed in, select “write a review” to share your experiences with the Hellopeter community. You’ll need to enter the name of the business you’re reviewing, the number of stars you give your overall experience (out of five), write about your actual experience, and give your review a title.

How do you report someone on Hellopeter?

Anyone can report a review on Hellopeter, including reviewers, readers and businesses. How can I report a review? To report a review, click into the review to view it in full. Below the review title, there’s a tab that says “Report.” Select this, and a form to report the review will appear.

What is the purpose of Hellopeter?

What is Hellopeter? Hellopeter is a platform connecting South African consumers and businesses. We allow consumers to share their experiences (whether good or bad), read about other people’s experiences, and hopefully, discover some great South African businesses along the way.

How do I delete my Hellopeter report?

The only way for a review to be removed from Hellopeter is if it’s reported and found to be in violation of our content guidelines.

How do I check if a company is legit?

Check the company’s website
Check spelling and grammar. Check for a business address and landline number. Check for a Privacy Policy. Check for a company number. Check the WHOIS database.

How do you check if a company is legit in South Africa?

You can also get information about the name of the firm, the postal address, the registration number and date as well as the status of the firm by conducting a free search on CIPC. To do this, you should visit the CIPC portal and perform the company name search.

How do I report a company in South Africa?

Complaints must be in writing and can be lodged directly on the ICASA website or a complaints form can be completed and emailed to or faxed to 012 568 3444.

Who can I complain to about a company?

Check out 10 effective ways and online destinations to file complaints that a company will pay attention to.
Go to the company website. Contact the Better Business Bureau. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Check out the Ripoff Report. Email Try Yelp. Post on Planet Feedback.

Does Hellopeter still exist?

Yes it is. It appears to be first and foremost about Hellopeter’s customers though, the ones who pay the bills. Hellopeter will probably consider the loss of my patronage as no big deal because I am just one person; something that would be at severe odds with the very principles on which their website was founded.

Is Hellopeter a social media platform?

Unlike social media, this is a public platform that doesn’t allow every Thabo, Dirk and Hannes to add their 2c in the comments section. Which means your resolution has zero chance of being derailed by grammatically dubious political conspiracy theories and aunties selling diet pills.

Who started Hellopeter?

Hellopeter founder Peter Cheales made this announcement via an email to users and a post on the customer complaints website on Tuesday. Cheales said in a statement that a “dynamic new team of entrepreneurs” will take over the site but that two members of the site’s existing team are planned to remain.

How do you respond to Hellopeter review?

Only you, and the business that the review has been written about, can reply. Any business that’s registered on Hellopeter is able to reply to their own reviews. We require businesses to be registered for them to reply to ensure official business responses are coming from credible and verified sources.

What is Hellopeter email address?

You can always send email to

How do I find information on a company?

Here are a few resources and websites that may help you find the data on a particular business:
Business and Company Resource Center. Access from Home – Use library barcode. Reference USA. Better Business Bureau. Chamber of Commerce. Hoovers Online.

How do you check a company is legit UK?

All you have to do is look it up on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register. This is a database which holds details of every financial company that’s registered and regulated by the FCA. You can search for a company by entering its name and/or postcode.

What is a company registered number?

The company registration number is a unique string of eight characters assigned to a company during the incorporation process. Its purpose is to identify the company and verify that it has been incorporated at Companies House as a legal entity (i.e., a ‘legal person’ in its own right).