How many numbers do you need to win the lotto daily? Check it out | how to play daily lotto


Prize Division 1 – Match 5 Means that the Participant has correctly matched five numbers in any one Selection from the five drawn numbers. The appropriate Prize category is called MATCH Five of Five NUMBERS (“MATCH FIVE”).

Can I play daily lotto online?

Play Daily Lotto online by selecting five numbers from a guess range of 1 to 36.

How do you play daily lotto Za?

Find a valid DAILY LOTTO Betslip. Using a pen / pencil, choose 5 numbers from 1 to 36.

You can play as many boards as you want.You can choose a Multi-Draw option which allows you to play the same numbers over multiple draws.A single DAILY LOTTO play will cost you R3.00 VAT incl.

How do you win on daily 3?

To win a Daily 3 prize, all of your chosen numbers must match all of the numbers drawn. Each number is independent of the other two numbers. So, if the winning numbers are 1-2-3, you must have a one, a two, and a three in your selected numbers to win.

How can I play Lotto on my phone in South Africa?

Dial *120*2272#.Select 8.Accept the terms and conditions.Choose the game that you want to play, i.e. PowerBall or Lotto. – You can select Quick Pick, which allows the system to select numbers for you. – Or select your own numbers. – You can select the numbers of future draws. The playing cost is R5. 00 per board.

How much do you get for 3 numbers on Lotto in South Africa?

How much do you get for 3 numbers on Lotto in South Africa? Although, the prize for matching three numbers is always guaranteed and fixed. If you match 3 of 6 numbers, you get an R50 prize. If somebody hit the jackpot, then the share of the prize pool is quite similar to shown below in the table.

How can I win SA Lotto?

Avoid Picking the Same Numbers as Previous Winners – Those numbers were lucky for that winner, but they’re highly unlikely to be lucky for you. Check Previous Losing Numbers – Take a look at the statistics to see which numbers haven’t been drawn for a while.

What time does the daily Lotto play?

What time does the Daily Lotto draw take place? The Daily Lotto draws take place at 21:00 every evening and you can buy tickets up to 20:30.

How do you play Lotto on capitec app?

we do not offer Lotto on our app at this stage. We are however continuously expanding our product range and will be sure to look into adding this product. Chances of us winning are zero if we don’t play debit card transactions for foreign gambling/lottery/betting are prohibited with Capitec.

What is the difference between Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2?

LOTTO PLUS 1 is exactly the same as LOTTO, but gives the player a second chance to win. When buying a LOTTO ticket, the player must pay an extra R2.

What is the bonus ball in Lotto?

The Bonus Ball gives you an opportunity to increase the size of your prize if you miss out on the jackpot by a single number. Here is an example of how it works: You pick the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on your Lotto ticket.