How much data do you get on Openview Connect? Check it out | how does openview connect work

For a once-off fee of R599, Openview customers can enjoy up to 10 devices simultaneously connected with operating data rates of up to 150 Mbps speed on 4G LTE – lightning-fast compared to most home fibre connectivity options.

Do you pay a monthly fee for Openview Connect?

Nthabiseng Maphisa It will be a once off payment. No monthly fees.

How do I use Openview Connect?

Insert the “Openview Data Dongle” into the USB of the “Openview Hub”. Go to the Wi-Fi Hotspot dashboards from the settings menu on your Set-Top-Box. Open the Wi-Fi Hotspot status page on your Set-Top-Box, and recharge with data. Connect with your smart devices and enjoy home internet.

Does Openview Connect have unlimited data?

AdvertisementWith an incredible 10 gigabytes of free data, Openview (OV) brings internet service to your home with Openview Connect (OVC or OV Connect). Here is all you need to know and how you can get your home connected with an Openview decoder and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Is Openview Wi-Fi free?

Openview, a free satellite television service, has released a Wi-Fi dongle called Openview Connect, in partnership with Vodacom as the prepaid mobile data provider.

Do you need a dish for Openview?

All you need is to buy an Openview decoder and satellite dish.

Can I watch OVHD on my phone?

You can now watch shows and movies on any device, at any time.

What is Openview WIFI?

What is Openview Connect? Openview Connect is a brand extension Wi-Fi connector that will drive increased connectivity for families across South Africa and, subsequently, act as a plug and play hotspot for Openview-enabled homes that wish to get connected and stay connected.