How much does Road Accident Fund pay for leg injury in South Africa? Check it out | how to check my raf claim status

A whiplash injury may merit a payout of R100 000 for General Damages, while a broken leg could result in a claim of R400 000 and a serious brain injury as much as R2 000 000. These amounts are for General Damages only and not past medical & hospital expenses or past and future loss of income.

How do I contact RAF?

Road Accident Fund (RAF) Address: PO Box 30162, Sunnyside, 0132.Street Address: No 6, Duncan Manor, 150 Brooks Street, Cnr Brooks and Jan Shoba Streets, Brooklyn, Pretoria.Phone: 012 621 1691.Fax: 012 621 1640.Directories:

Do you pay tax on RAF claim?

RAF payments are not taxable as they are seen to be insurance similar to a life policy.

How many days does the RAF have to investigate a claim?

After consultation with your lawyer, the claim must be submitted to the RAF. The RAF then has 120 days to investigate the claim. After expiry of the 120 days your lawyer will issue a summons against the RAF. Often the RAF requests a further period to try and settle the case outside the court.

Does RAF pay for small injuries?

The RAF also does not pay future medical and hospital accounts/expenses but provides an undertaking that they will reimburse the injured person once the expenses have been incurred and paid for. General damages (non-monetary loss) for pain, suffering, loss of amenities of life, disfigurement, etc.

What injuries does RAF pay for?

The RAF provides personal injury and, when applicable, death compensation to those injured in motor vehicle accidents, provided the accidents weren’t caused solely by them.

How much does RAF pay for knee injury?

The minimum amount generally paid at this stage starts at R150 000. The balance is settled once the RAF pay-out has been received. The final payment will depend on the time the RAF takes to settle the court order, with average total pay-outs around R800 000.

How much does RAF pay for death 2021?

RAF claims for death: What else families can claim

In 2008, the limit for loss of support claims was capped at R160,000 per annum. This value is periodically adjusted to account for inflation and, as of January 2021, the limit is R299,154.

How much does RAF pay for loss of support?

The amount you can claim from the RAF will depend on the case, your circumstances, the income and earning trajectory of the breadwinner and his or her dependants. The RAF’s latest annual report stated that the average loss of support claim in 2020 was for R450 307.

Does Road Accident Fund expire?

A claim must be lodged by the claimant within three years from the date of the accident or from the date on which the claim arose. This does not apply to a claim by a child under the age of 18 years old.

How much is Road Accident Fund?

Data from civil society group Outa shows that the Road Accident Fund (RAF) levy made up 5% of the price of petrol in 2009, and generated around R9 billion per annum for vehicle-related injury compensation. As of 2021 it now makes up for 14% of the fuel price and pumps around R45 billion into the RAF.

Where does RAF money come from?

RAF Fuel levy

The primary source of income for the RAF compensation scheme is a levy raised on fuel. The levy is measured in terms of cents per litre on petrol and diesel fuel sold in South Africa and forms part of the general fuel tax regulated by government.

Can a driver claim from RAF?

The RAF provides cover for those who have been injured or the dependants of those who have been killed in a road accident. Individuals will be provided with cover for any general damage, serious injuries, or death. The RAF applies to cyclists, motorcyclists, vehicle drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

How much Raf pay for head injury?

R2.5 million and 100% of medical costs

In January 2020, the RAF was ordered to pay R2 578 850 and all future medical costs to a man who suffered a severe head injury in a road accident.

Does RAF pay for hit and run?

Who can claim after a hit and run accident. When any road accident caused by another party results in debilitating injury or death, the injured or the family of the deceased can claim compensation from the RAF. Motor vehicle drivers, as well as passengers, pedestrians and motorcyclists, can all claim from the RAF.

How does RAF payment work?

How does RAFPay work? RAFPay offers an upfront cash payment against a valid Road Accident Fund court order or settlement agreement. Once the Road Accident Fund pays your lawyers, the monthly RAFPay charges will be taken off in one amount and you will receive the balance of your money in the final payment.