How much does Tebello from scandal earn? Check it out | tebello from scandal how old is he

Lihlonolofatso Litlhakanyane who plays the character Tebello on one of Etv’s most loved telenovelas Scandal! has been speculated to earn a salary ranging from R15 000 to R20 000. According to the publication, a junior soapie actor’s salary is R33 275 monthly. This figure was taken from the South African Actors Guild.

Who is khumo on scandal?

But for Molemo Tlali, the actor who portrayed him, it’s been an interesting journey. The 23-year-old found his big break in the entertainment industry in one of the biggest shows on SA television, so playing Khumo on The Queen has given him a huge boost of confidence, he tells Drum.

Who is the highest paid actor in Scandal?

Sello Maake Ka Ncube

Sello has over 25 years of experience and currently stars on the TV show Scandal. Sello is reportedly the highest paid actor, earning R120000 a month, although he has not publicly confirmed his salary. Experience pays in the South African acting industry.

How much do Scandal actors make per episode?

Salary and Endorsements: In the early seasons of Scandal, Washinton earned $80,000 per episode, roughly $1.5 million per year. At her peak of the series Scandal, she earned a salary per episode of $250,000, roughly $4.5 million.

How old is Lindiwe Ngema?

Nomvelo Makhanya, born on 24 April 1996 (age – 25 years old), is a South African actress and singer well known for her starring role of Lindiwe Ngema on Scandal etv.

Who is Palesa from Isithembiso?

Nolo made her break through in the acting industry after few cameos on etv anthology series’s of eKasi: Our Stories. She was also a presenter on SABC 1 You TV. In 2017, she had her first starring role in the Mzansi Magic telenovela Isithembiso as Palesa Kunene, a spoilt daddy’s girl.

How did Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane become an actor?

The question is how did he become an actor? Well, the young man, has his sister to thank for convincing him to try out acting auditions after she had seen it on Facebook! Litlhonolofatso agreed and the producers loved his natural acting skills thus we have our Tebello on our screens.

Who is Tibi’s friend on scandal?

Molobi will Lebo, Tebello’s (Tibi) friend from Soweto.” Tshiamo is a young popular talented actor in the South African entertainment industry. He has gained recognition for playing the role of Lefa in Rhythm City and also got a role in Rockville season 5 as well as The Queen.

How much does scandal actors earn per month?

An experienced actors on Scandal, earning R60 000 per month. An intermediate actor driving an a storyline on Rhythm City – R60 000 per month. An inexperienced actor on Rhythm City is earning R20 000 per month.

How much do the Queen actors earn per month?

The two are set to earn monthly a take away salary of R30 000.00 to R35 000.00 each. The salary is suggested as the average that many of its leading cast like Themba Ndaba, Zenande Mfenyana, and SK Khoza also take away monthly.

Who is the most paid actor in South?

Megastar Rajinikanth reportedly takes home a mammoth Rs 100 crore as his remuneration which also includes the film profits, making him the highest-paid actor in the South film industry.