How much is Romans pizza in South Africa? Check it out | how much is 2 large pizzas at roman’s

The price range of the menu of Romans Pizza at the store generally varies between: R19. 9 – R124.

How many slices are in a large pizza from Rome?

How many slices are in a Romans pizza? There are 8 slices per Large pizza. 16 in a double box.

How much is a small pizza at Romans pizza?

Get ANY Small Pizza from the Famished or Ravenous Range for ONLY R29. 90. All Day Every Day!

What size is Romans large pizza?

Large – 31cm 2. Medium – 21cm 3. Large – 30cm 4.

How many slices are in a large pizza?

Figure Out the Slices Per Size

Medium pizzas run 12 inches in diameter and will give you about eight slices. Large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and will offer approximately 10 slices. Extra-large pizzas come in between 16 and 18 inches in diameter and will provide at least 12 slices.

Is Roman pepperoni pork?

. We manufacture pizza beef as a processed product. It consists of beef knuckle and protein isolate as an extender. It does not contain any pork.

How big is a 19cm pizza?

19cm small = 283.53cm. 23cm medium = 415.48cm.

Who is the owner of Romans pizza?

It all started in 1993 when owner Mr. A. Nicolakakis, a restauranteur by trade, purchased a flagging pizza restaurant with the intention of turning it around with his extensive knowledge and expertise. Instead of changing prices he decided to give two pizzas for the price of one.

What is pan base pizza Roman’s?

The pan base pizza is a decadent delight, which only Roman’s Pizza seems to have perfected. They are the pan-base-pizza specialists. The dough is light and fluffy, allowing the toppings to stand out in their own right. If, however, you prefer the traditional base, you won’t be found wanting either.

What’s on a Regina pizza?


What is traditional base pizza?

Deep pan or traditional: You choose

Roman’s Pizza offers the choice of either deep pan (thick base), or traditional base (thin base) pizza. The deep pan thicker base pizza is a decadent delight, which only Roman’s Pizza seems to have perfected.

What is the difference between pan base and traditional base?

Pan crust is also called deep-dish as it has a thicker and fluffier crust whereas hand-tossed pizza has a flatter and crispier crust.

Does Romans pizza have an app?

With the Roman’s Pizza mobile app, ordering food has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, we’ve got you covered. Just browse our easy-to-use menu, customize it how you’d like, place your order using our secure payment system, and sit back!

Does Romans have gluten free pizza?

Roman’s Pizza offers a gluten free pizza base only, not a gluten free pizza. This pizza is not a low carb pizza alternative. The Roman’s Pizza kitchens contain wheat flour as dough is made fresh daily in store, as well as carry ingredients that contain gluten, thus cross-contamination is possible.

How many people will a large pizza feed?

Following the same rule that an average adult will eat around three slices, a large pizza will feed around two adults or four children. An extra-large pizza would feed around three adults and five children. It’s recommended to order commonly loved toppings in larger sizes.

How much pizza do I need for 8 adults?

A good rule of thumb is to allow three slices per adult and two slices per child of a traditional crust pizza. Of course, if everyone is starving, then consider upping those numbers a bit by one or two slices.

How many large pizzas do I need for 15 adults?

Ordering for a Crowd

It’s always better to have leftovers than to leave anyone hungry. Here’s a quick cheat sheet for larger parties: 10 People = 4 Pizzas. 15 People = 6 Pizzas.