How old is Andile’s wife? Check it out | how old is andile mpisane wife

Andile Mpisane’s wife

He has a wife named Tamia Mpisane who is 25 years old, four years older than he is. They were married on 17th December 2021. However, he also has a baby mama who is the mother of one of his babies; her name is Sithelo Shozi, and she is 27 years old.

What does Tamia Louw do for a living?

Andile Mpisane’s wife, Tamia Louw Mpisane is a famous fashion model and social media influencer. She is also a blogger and Instagram star. Her Instagram account has over 280K followers.

How old is Andile Mpisane’s Babymama?

She was named after Mpisane’s grandmother, political icon Florence Mkhize. South Africans were left speechless in December when their social media timelines were flooded with pictures and a romantic video of Andile proposing to 25-year-old social media influencer, model and content creator, Tamia Louw.

Where is Tamia Louw from?

She is a few years older than Andile

Andile (20 years old) likes women who are older than him. Louw is five years older than him, while his baby mama, Sithelo (born on 17th April 1994), is 27 years old. The mogul was born on 15th March 2001 in Durban, South Africa.

How many kids does Andile Mpisane have?

Royal AM football club chairperson and musician Andile Mpisane has welcomed his third child.

How old is Sithelo and Andile?

A source close to the family states that the MaMkhize has always heard stories about Sithelo and her motives for dating her son. She also didn’t approve of her son’s age gap with his baby mama as Shozi is 27 and Andile is 20.

Who is Andile Mpisane girlfriend?

Tamia (25) and Andile (20) announced their marriage on 1 December 2021 after an intimate wedding ceremony. Many thought their wedding was a prank, but Andile soon confirmed that the marriage was real on social media.

How many kids does Andile Mpisane and Sithelo have?

Sithelo and Andile share two children – Flo and Coco but he is reportedly demanding a paternity test on Coco.

What does Andile Mpisane do for a living?

Andile Mpisane Career – Singer, Footballer & Businessman

As per the sources, Andile Mpisane is currently running the ROYAL AM Football Club along with his mother. Apart from this, he is also a professional singer. Being a singer, Andile released lots of songs and music videos.

Who is SBU mpisane?

Sbu Mpisane (born 18 June 1971) is a South African businessman and renowned entrepreneur. He worked as a metro police constable in Durban, South Africa. He had to resign from his job in the police to join his wife’s company. Joining the construction company owned by his wife made him a wealthy business tycoon.

Is Mamkhize a billionaire?

Mamkhize’s net worth has been found to be R300 million, or $21.09 million.

Is Shawn Mkhize a billionaire?

Shauwn Mkhize was a millionaire at the age of 21, she told her 1 million Instagram followers.

Is Mamkhize a doctor?

Entrepreneur and reality TV star Shauwn Mkhize, famously known as Mamkhize, is officially a doctor, after being honoured with an honorary degree in Philosophy for her good deeds.