How old is the Samsung A10? Check it out | how much is samsung a10

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is an Android smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics. It was released in March 2019.

Does A10 have fingerprint?

Samsung Galaxy A10 sports an Infinity-V display and lacks a rear fingerprint sensor support. We suspect that the upcoming phone will rely on face unlock or other traditional authentication practices.

Is Samsung A10 waterproof?

No, Galaxy A10 is not water resistant.

How many cameras does Samsung A10 have?

Samsung Galaxy A10 review: What you need to know

Powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 7884 processor (that’s roughly equivalent to a Snapdragon 450) and 2GB of RAM, the 6.13in handset has a 720p LED screen and a single-lens 13-megapixel camera.

Is Samsung A10 camera good?

You get a single-lens 13MP rear camera with the Samsung Galaxy A10. This has an f/1.9 aperture and is accompanied by an LED flash. It’s basic in other words, but not completely hopeless. In decent light it can take acceptable shots, just don’t give it anything challenging.

Is Samsung A10 battery removable?

Insert a plastic card underneath the bottom edge of the battery. Carefully slide it underneath the battery to loosen the adhesive. Continue sliding the plastic card underneath to pry up the battery from the bottom.

Why is my Samsung A10 so slow?

My Samsung Galaxy A10 Android 9.0 is slow

If you’ve used many applications on the phone, it may get slow because the applications keep running in the background. Solution: End running applications. Press the Application key. To end one running application, slide your finger upwards on the required application.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A10 wireless charging?

Galaxy A10 won’t Qi charge.

Is Samsung A10s better than A10?

Galaxy A10s vs Galaxy A10: Performance

The smartphone offers two variants with 2GB or 3GB of RAM and 32GB built-in storage. Galaxy A10s runs on in-house Exynos 7884 processor paired with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. Galaxy A10s is fuelled by a larger 4,000mAh battery. Galaxy A10 has a 3,400mAh battery.

Why is my Samsung A10 battery draining so fast?

A battery will drain quicker if Mobile data, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi is enabled. That’s why you can turn them off when you’re not using them. Pull the Quick Settings menu from the top of the screen. Then tap the icon you’d like to toggle off.

Is Samsung A10 a dual SIM?

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is an unlocked 4G Dual SIM phone with no contract. Available with 32GB in two colour options! Unlocked and sim free, so you can use any SIM cards inside along with dual sim phone functionality.