How old was DJ Dimples? Check it out | how old was dj dimplez

South African hip-hop DJ and entrepreneur Boitumelo ‘Dj Dimplez’ Mooi, died on Sunday at the age of 40. Tributes continue to pour in, for the renowned hip hop artist who died tragically after suffering a brain haemorrhage, according to the family statement.

Where was DJ Dimples born?

Early life. Tumi was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He is best known for his stage name as DJ Dimplez.

Who is DJ Dimplez?

Popularly known as DJ Dimplez, his career spans 18 years in the SA Hip Hop industry and has won eight South African Hip Hop Awards. The producer and artist will be remembered for his influential contribution to South Africa’s music and pop culture industry.

Is DJ Dimples alive?

His family released a statement that read: “It is with deep sadness that the Mooi family announces the untimely passing of Boitumelo Athiel Mooi, popularly known as DJ Dimplez. He passed away on March 6, 2022, from a sudden brain hemorrhage.” The family asked for space and respect to process their tragic loss.

How did DJ Dimplez passed away?

JOHANNESBURG – Renowned hip-hop DJ Boitumelo Athiel ‘Dimplez’ Mooi has passed away on Sunday. The family confirmed the tragic news on Sunday evening stating that the DJ passed away from a brain haemorrhage.

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What happened to Dimplez?

The family said DJ Dimplez died on Sunday of a sudden brain haemorrhage. They requested respect and space as “we process Tumi’s tragic passing”. The music star kicked off his career working for popular TV shows such as Vuzu and Channel 0.

Where is DJ Dimplez?

DJ Dimplez died on March 6 after suffering a brain haemorrhage. David Mooi took to the podium to share what happened when the DJ was admitted to hospital.