How withdraw send iMali step by step? Check it out | how to withdraw nedbank send imali

To withdraw your money, follow the below steps:
Step 1: Go to any Nedbank ATM.Step 2: Select “Cardless Services” and then select “Nedbank Send iMali”Step 3: Put in cellphone number, OTP and enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click “Proceed”Step 4: Choose print receipt or display on the screen.

Where can I withdraw Send iMali?

What is Send-iMali? Nedbank Send-iMali is a solution that allows you to send money to anyone with a valid South African cellphone number. The recipient can then withdraw the funds at any Nedbank ATM.

How do I withdraw money from Nedbank Ewallet?

Please dial the USSD string *120*002#, log on with your PIN, then select ‘Withdraw at Nedbank ATM’. You will receive a withdraw PIN that expires in 24 hours. At the ATM select ‘Cardless transactions’, then select ‘MobiMoney’. Enter the cellphone number followed by your PIN, and select ‘Withdraw’.

Which stores can I withdraw Nedbank send iMali?

Cardless withdrawals

Recipients can withdraw the cash from any Nedbank ATM or at selected retail stores using a secure voucher number and one-time password. The bank has already partnered with Shoprite, Checkers, Usave and OK stores and will continue to grow its footprint across the country.

Can I withdraw Nedbank send iMali at Shoprite?

Nedbank cardless withdrawals are now available at Shoprite!

Can I withdraw Nedbank cash Send at Pick n Pay?

Telecommunications giant MTN has partnered with banking group Nedbank to enable Mobile Money (MoMo) customers to withdraw cash at all Nedbank ATMs or any participating retail stores, such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, OK Foods and USave, across South Africa at competitive rates.

Where can I withdraw Nedbank MobiMoney?

You can use your phone to deposit, withdraw, or remit cash at any Nedbank ATM or retail stores. Your cellphone number is the wallet number.

Can I withdraw Nedbank eWallet at Shoprite?

Nedbank cardless withdrawals is now available at participating Shoprite stores.

Where can I withdraw money from MobiMoney?

At any Nedbank ATM:
Go to Cardless Transactions at any Nedbank ATM.Choose MobiMoney.Enter your 10-digit Wallet ID in the cellphone field.Enter your OTP.Enter the amount you want to draw.You’ll get an SMS confirming the withdrawal from your wallet.

What happens if Send imali is not withdrawn?

Hi Zoliswa, if a send imali was done to the incorrect number it cant be reversed. If the funds are not withdrawn in 48 hours then it will return to your account automatically.

How do I withdraw from Nedbank cardless withdrawal?

It’s so simple. Go to a till and request a Nedbank cardless withdrawal. Give the teller the voucher number and enter the OTP sent to you via SMS.

How do I withdraw money from my mobile wallet?

Google Pay cardless ATMs

You can withdraw money at any ATM that has the contactless symbol. Open your Google Pay Wallet. Click on your card you wish to use. Tap your phone against the contactless symbol and enter your PIN.

Can I withdraw Ewallet at Shoprite?

“Customers also get free unlimited Cash@Till withdrawals at retailers such as Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Boxer and selected Spar stores.

Can you withdraw money without a card?

If it’s available, one of the smartest and most convenient ways to withdraw cash without an ATM card is to use your bank’s mobile banking app to withdraw money from an ATM using a generated barcode, meaning all you’ll need is your smartphone, a bank account, and your bank’s mobile app or affiliated mobile wallet (e.g.