Is DBN Gogo a sangoma? Check it out | how old is dbn gogo

Is DBN Gogo a sangoma? The DJ and music producer is not a sangoma or a traditional healer. Many people erroneously believe she is one because of her name. She also loves decorative arm bracelets and traditional jewellery that make some people think she is a traditional healer.

Is DBN Gogo in a relationship?

Rapper Focalistic and DBN Gogo are no longer keeping their relationship a secret. Many have been speculating whether or not DJ Mandisa “DBN Gogo” Radebe and Lethabo “Focalistic” Sebetso are an item. The pair shared recent snaps of their trip to Paris on an evening walk, captioned, “From Paris, with Love”.

When was Mfana Ka Gogo born?

Sipho Mbonambi, also known as Mfana Kah Gogo, is a South African musician who was born in 2004. Under the care of his grandmother, the Durban star grew up in a remote region called eMangangeni in Kwazulu Natal. Since his debut, the hitmaker has been on a quest to carve out a place for himself on the airwaves.

Is DBN pregnant?

Mzansi fashion police were on the lookout for the outfits, with some even suggesting that DBN Gogo debuted her pregnancy during the event. However, DBN Gogo has broken her silence on the pregnancy rumours addressing that she is not pregnant, and it is only a fupa that people see.

When did Focalistic and DBN Gogo start dating?

DBN Gogo & Focalistic Started Dating In 2019!

How old is Murdahbongz?

9th June 1987 (Tuesday). 34 years old. Pretoria, South Africa.

Who is richer between DJ Zinhle and bonang?

Dj Zinhle Net Worth R27 Million. Bonang Net Worth R7. 2 Million