What is Telkom Please call me code? Check it out | how to send please call me on telkom

The Telkom call back code is 140. Here’s how to send a please call me on Telkom, just like other South African networks, sending a “Please Call Me” on Telkom Mobile is simple. You dial *140* add person’s number, press # and hit Send.

How do I send Telkom call me back?

How to send a Please Call Me message
First, dial the Telkom call back phone number / Telkom USSD – *140* receivers number #” (without the spaces) and then press send.You can also edit or personalise the “Please Call Me” text, but only up to a limited number of characters.

How do you send a please call me?

Please call me is a service intended to inform other people to call you back. To send a Please call me, dial *140*destination number# OK. A “Please call me” SMS will be sent to a destination number with your phone number as the sender.

How do you send Please call me from Telkom to Safaricom?

How to send someone a Please Call Me Back text message on Safaricom network
On your phone’s dial pad, press “*130*” followed by the recipient’s number such as *130*0722222222# then press “call”The recipient should receive a text message with the word “Please Call me”.

How do you send a please call me on Kenya Telkom?

Telkom Kenya please call me

Start by dialing #123# OR *100# and then enter the option five that stands for Products and Services. In the following menu, you will be asked to enter the phone number of the individual you want to send the request to, and then send the request.

How do you check your number on Telkom?

To check your number on Telkom mobile in South Africa, you simply need to dial *1# from your Telkom SIM. You will get your number on the screen, along with your phone’s IMSI. The Telkom number is the one given as the MSISDN.

How do I check my missed calls on Telkom?

From the home screen, press the Menu soft key.Scroll to Call log then press the OK soft key.Scroll to Missed call then press the OK soft key.The missed call records will be displayed.

How do I check my Telkom detailed balance?

You can as well check your balances using the USSD method. To achieve that, dial *188#. The balance will be displayed on your screen within seconds.

How do you send call me back?

They might be the leaders in mobile money services but the company also has a fleet of other services including the “call me back” message to help you. To access this service you have to dial *160*5*7# to get to the welcome page where you reply with the phone number you would like to send a message to.

How do I make a Pay4Me?

Pay4Me launched on Friday, 24 October 2014, and is available to all its customers, MTN said. To place an MTN Pay4Me call, subscribers need to dial 127, then input the number they wish to call and press the call button. Alternatively, they can dial *127*#.

How do I buy Telkom airtime via mpesa?

How to Top Up via M-PESA
Go to the M-pesa Menu.Select Paybill.Enter business number 777711.Enter Account your Telkom Mobile Number.Enter the amount.Enter your M-pesa pin then send.

How do I get Telkom phone settings?

1. Android
Go to settings and then open wireless and networks.Navigate to mobile networks and choose access point names.From the dropdown list, select the option of new APN. Once you do that, the new configurations should appear on the list.

How do I use Telkom SMS?

Dial *188#Dial *123# select 3 (Talk, Text & More) .Go to Talk Text & more in the My Telkom app and select SMS Bundles.Go to your Tkash menus, select buy bundles, select SMS bundles.

Why can’t I send SMS with Telkom?

Have you checked your SMSC settings? If you are still unable to send an SMS, then there may be a problem with SMS Centre number. In some cases, you will need to re-enter the number if this is missing, or incorrectly saved on your SIM card.