What is the night code for MTN? Check it out | how to check night data on mtn

Dial *406# Reply by pressing 3 to select MTN nightlife plan.

How do I check my MTN night bonus?

If you want to check your YouTube Night bonus on mtn, simply dial *131*4# on your phone dialer app.

How do I activate MTN night browsing?

iii. To activate the night tariff plan, you can actually text NIGHT to 131 to enjoy or dial *406# choose 4 and activate any plan of your choice. You will subscribe to any of the Pulse Nightlife bundles multiple times but NOT more than 500MB in a day.

How can I get 1GB on MTN night plan?

This plan is actually simple to activate. Dial *198# ,then you reply with 2,then click 8 to activate MTN 1gb, 2.5gb and 5gb for night plan. The MTN night plans list will display on your screen. Don’t doubt this is real.

How do I check my night balance?

How do I check my Airtel night bundle balance? Simply dial *140# or monitor your data usage.

How do I check my data on night plan?

Go to your phone’s settings. Find Data Usage and tap on it. This option is usually in the Wireless & Networks menu. When you enter the Data usage menu, you should see how much data you have used up.

How do I check my MTN night Express data balance in South Africa?

How to get it
Dial 136 for updates on remaining airtime, SMSs or data.Dial *136# for a summary balance.Dial *136*1# for a detailed balance.

How do I use MTN Midnight data?

This is the least MTN night data plan.
Dial *406#Reply by pressing 3 to select MTN nightlife plan.Then reply 1 to select 25 naira for the 250MB plan.Proceed and reply 1 to confirm that you want to purchase the data bundle.You will receive a message saying that your night plan subscription is successful.

When can I use MTN night data?

Night data bundles can only be used between midnight and 5 am on any day of the week. MTN offers this service via a product called Night Express. Night Express data cannot be used during the day, instead, it allows you to browse the internet at affordable rates in the middle of the night.

Does MTN give free data at night?

Amazingly, MTN offers 125MB and 250MB as their night plan data bonus and it is available for all MTN users. The 125MB costs N25 while the 250MB costs N50. To know more about this night plan, read through this article it will give you hints on how to Check MTN Free Night Browsing Plans.

What is the code to check night data balance in Airtel?

The code for the Airtel night plan is *312#. By dialing this combination, you can subscribe to Smart Trybe or, if they already subscribed you, access the menu that allows you to choose some of its many benefits.

What is the code for night plan on Airtel?

About Airtel Night Plan Subscription

The Airtel night plan code is *312#. You may subscribe to Smart Trybe by dialing this number, or, if you’ve already subscribed, you can see the menu that offers you various benefits.

How can I check my 9mobile night data balance?

To check your remaining data balance on the 9mobile Morecliq Night Browsing plan; Dial *228# to see data balance (click here for more ways to check 9mobile data balance).