What’s needed to open an account at Mr Price? Check it out | how to open an account at mr price

How do I open an account? You can open an MRP Money account in-store or online. To apply, you need to be over the age of eighteen, permanently employed and have one contactable land line number, as well as your ID number. You will also need to supply your latest 3 months’ proof of income.

How long does it take for a Mr Price account to be approved?

It takes between 24 and 48 hours for an account to get approved, provided we have all the relevant documents and information.

How do I open a Mr Price account via SMS?

To open an account with us you have 3 easy options:
Apply online by visiting www.mrpricemoney.com (the requirements are also listed there)Send an SMS to 41536 in this format: “Your ID number*First Name*Surname*Total Monthly salary before deductions*Total Monthly expenses”Or simply call us on 0861066639.

Does Mr Price have a card?

Our 6- or 12-month store card offering, and lay-by facility enable customers to access our fashion, home, and sportswear when they want it. We also reward them for doing what they love – shopping on account with Insiders.

Can I use my sheet street card at Mr Price?

Yes, you can pay your account at any Mr Price Group store, that means any Miladys, Sheet Street, Mr Price, Mr Price Home and Mr Price Sport stores in South Africa.

How does a clothing account work?


Simmone says most clothing accounts charge high interest rates and recommend a minimum instalment that only pays off interest fees and a tiny portion of the actual balance owed. This means you end up taking years to pay for something you could have bought by saving for it in a few months.

What do you need to open an account at sportscene?

Open a sportscene account in-store or online and receive R1000 in discount vouchers*. You will need 3 months bank statements or payslips and a valid ID or passport.

Which credit bureau does Mr Price use?

The credit bureaus used by us are: XDS: 011 645 9100; TransUnion Credit: 0861 48 24 82; Experian Credit Bureau: 0861 10 56 65.

How long does it take for Ackermans account to be approved?

How Long Does It Take For The Account To Be Approved? The account application process can take up to 48 to 72 business hours provided the documents supplied are correct.

Where can I buy with my Ackermans card?

Ackermans Account is a store credit card that can be used at any Ackermans location or its retail partners. Some of the retail partners with whom Ackermans has collaborated include Pepkor-owned stores. Ackermans, Shoe City, Refinery, and Dunns are among the stores where the Ackermans account can be used.

What methods are available for customers to pay at Mr Price?

Yes, you will be able to pay your account in-store however, we have four easy payment options you can use without leaving your house. You can pay your account by visiting mrpmoney.com, using your Mr Price app, by dialing *120*410# or using online banking.

Can I pay my Mr Price account with a voucher?

You can pay using a cheque or debit card. You can pay using your Mr Price Money account. You can pay using an electronic Mr Price Gift Voucher. You can pay using Ozow Instant EFT – New!.

How long does Mr Price take to deliver?

DOOR TO DOOR: Your order will take between 2 – 4 working days* to get to you. You can track your order online under My Account and we will also notify you via email when your order has been received, when your order has been shipped and when your order has been delivered.

Can you buy airtime on your Mr Price account?

You can buy airtime on your MRP Money account without having to even leave the house! Dial *130*410# now.

Can I use my Edgars card at game?

Hi Savy, you can use your Edgars account card at Edgars, Edgars Beauty, Jet, Legit, Beaver Canoe and Style stores. If you have the new PIN check account card, it can also be used at Game, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Shoprite stores.

What is my Sheet Street Account number?

Account Number:

Use your Sheet Street account number (10 digit number as it appears on your statement) as the beneficiary reference number. This way, your payments will be updated correctly every time and delays avoided.