Which of the following data types A container can be instantiated to? Check it out | which of the following type does the container should define

2. To what type of object does the container can be instantiated? Explanation: All type of object does the container can be instantiated.

What is a container Mcq?

MCQs on Container Classes Quiz

MCQ: A container class is a class whose instances are. Containers. Functions. Strings. None of them.

What are containers in C Mcq?

Explanation: Containers is a component of STL which stores objects and data.

What is type () in Python give an example?

Answer. Python type() is a built-in function that is used to return the type of data stored in the objects or variables in the program. For example, if a variable contains a value of 45.5 then the type of that variable is float.

Which of the following are the containers used for storing data values?

Variables are containers in which data values can be stored within the computer’s memory. They have a name, which is also referred to as an address.

What are the two types of containers in computer programming?

Types. Containers may be classified as either single-value containers or associative containers. Single-value containers store each object independently. Objects may be accessed directly, by a language loop construct (e.g. for loop) or with an iterator.

What are the containers used to store data in the form of records in SAP?

The data container is a container holding data for the application. The data consists of objects (rows in the data container) and each object has a series of attributes (columns in the data container). The data container provides data that can be represented in one or more graphics.

Which of the following command is used for stopping a running container Mcq?

1. Which of the following command is used for stopping a running container? Explanation- $ docker kill this command is used for killing a container. $ docker start command is used for starting a docker container.

Which is true about Kubernetes Mcq?

Exp: Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation.

What is DevOps Mcq?

DevOps is a set of practices that combines Development and Operations to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

What are iterators in C++ Mcq?

Introduction to Iterators in C++ An iterator is an object (like a pointer) that points to an element inside the container. We can use iterators to move through the contents of the container.

What are the containers in C?

A container is an object that stores a collection of elements (i.e. other objects). Each of these containers manages the storage space for their elements and provides access to each element through iterators and/or member functions.

What is any in C++ Mcq?

Explanation: Any is an STL container provided by C++ to store value or objects of any type.

Which of the following is the container of data?

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Variable is a container for storing the data. In any programming language, a variable is used to store the data or the value that is used in the program for execution. The value that is stored in the variable can be used, or modified in the later part of execution.

What are container data types in Python?

6 Python Container Data Types You Should Know
Named Tuple.Ordered Dict (Ordered Dictionary)Chain Map.Counter.Deque (Double-Ended Queue)

Which of the following is a container of data *?

Variable is a container for storing data.

Is an array a container?

Is an array a container? Arrays hold a set of elements of the same type in a contiguous memory location so, do they not qualify as containers? In most languages, an array would indeed qualify as a container.