Who is Mpho Wa Badimo Big Brother Mzansi? Check it out | how old is mpho from big brother mzansi

Big Brother Mzansi winner Michelle “Mpho wa Badimo” Mvundla said there were certain things she could not do in the house as a “child of the ancestors”. In a Castle Milk Stout Ancestors’ Day panel discussion this week, Mpho spoke about her experience in the Big Brother house.

How old is Badimo?

Biography. asimo3089 is 27 years old (born December 9th,1994). He used to work as a grocery store manager in real life while balancing out with his development on Jailbreak, before quitting to work full-time on Jailbreak.

Where is Mpho Badimo from?

Mphowabadimo was born in Daveyton, South Africa. Mpho Wa Badimo was a tomboy while growing up.

What does Mpho from big brother do for a living?

Mpho Wa Badimo Career

Like I said earlier, Mpho Wa Badimo is a Youtuber, Content Creator, and fashionista.

How old is Mvelo from Big Brother Mzansi?

Mvelo is a 28-year-old from Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg.

Who is asimo3089 IRL?

Keanu Jacobson (born: December 9, 1994 (1994-12-09) [age 27]), better known online as asimo3089, is an American YouTuber and Roblox game developer. He primarily uploads Roblox game trailers and Roblox Studio development videos. On Roblox, he is known for developing the game Jailbreak with Alex Balfanz.

What is Badimo English?

The term “Badimo”, although usually translated as “ancestors” does not simply refer to people who are now dead, but rather to the “living dead”. In the traditional African worldview, deceased ancestors continue to be present and are actively included in the daily life of individuals and tribes.

What does Mpho Wa Badimo mean?

So Mpho wa Badimo means “A gift of ancestors”. She was born in a small town of Daveyton in Ekurhuleni district in Gauteng Province in South Africa on the 9th of August 1994. Growing up in Daveyton town in Ekurhuleni, MphowaBadimo always dreamt of becoming a reality TV star.