Who is the owner of Ama Kip Kip? Check it out | how much is ama kip kip t-shirt

The 19-year-old, an entertainment technology student at Tshwane University of Technology, allegedly asked his father, Litha Ndlovu, to send a proposal with a sample of his design to Amakipkip owner Nkosana Modise.

What is Ama Kip Kip mean?

Ama Kip Kip, the name of the previously popular t-shirt brand from South Africa, means ‘multi coloured popcorn.

When was Amakipkip founded?

The first time I noticed this phenomenon was with the Ama Kip Kip brand circa 2005/2006. For those who may not be familiar with the brand, Ama Kip Kip is a South African based urban fashion brand that was very popular in the mid 2000’s.