Why is my Sassa status still pending? Check it out | sassa status pending for how long

Yes, pending means SASSA has not finished processing your application yet. Once they have verified and approved the information and documents you provided, they will make a decision on them as to whether you qualify for the R350 grant or not. If you do, SASSA will approve your application for the R350 grant.

Why is my SRD grant pending so long?

Pending means your application has not yet been approved, your details still need to be screened and verified first. Once approved, you will receive an SMS from SASSA requesting your banking details, then you will be paid. Yes, there is no set payment date for the special COVID-19 SRD grant.

How long does Sassa take to approve?

It will take 3 months for SASSA to approve a Child Support Grant application after you have completed and submitted the SASSA child grant forms. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) takes at most 90 days to process an application for the Child Support Grant and after that, approve it.

Why is my Sassa relief grant pending?

If you have applied for the R350 SRD grant and now your application status is on ‘Pending’ then according to SASSA, this means that your application has not yet been approved. It means that SASSA is still in the process of scanning your details so that it can be verified first.

What Pending status means?

Advertisement. Pending means that a something has not been decided yet. When someone applies for a position and their application status is pending it would mean that it is undecided.

Why is my Sassa R350 approved but no payment?

However, some clients who were approved for payment for the R350 grant have still not received their money for a number of months. Sassa explained “your bank account is not yet verified. Once that is done, you will receive all your outstanding payments in order.”

What is happening with R350 grant?

Payments delayed by means testing processes. Payments for the new cycle of the Covid R350-a-month grant will be made from mid-June, according to deputy director-general of the Department of Social Development Brenda Sibeko.

Why is my SRD grant approved but no pay date?

If your SRD grant is approved but no pay date is given because SASSA has not processed your R350 grant payment yet. SASSA has to process your payment before you are given a payment date for your SRD R350 grant. Once SASSA processes your payment, you’ll see your payment date when you Check Your SASSA R350 Grant status.

How do you know if your R350 grant is approved?

Follow the following process to check your Social Relief of Distress R350 Grant application approval online.
Go to www.srd.sassa.gov.za.Enter your ID Number.Enter your Cell Phone Number.Click on Send.

How long is SRD grant paid for?

In the 2022 State of the Nation Address President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the Special Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant would be extended. The R350 SRD grant is set to be paid from 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2023.

What’s happening with R350 grant for April?

In April, Sassa announced that everyone who was receiving R350 grant payments would have to reapply for the grant as the qualifying criteria changed due to the change in regulatory framework. Registered on the Home Affairs database or on Sassa’s social grant database for individuals without ID documents.

Is Sassa R350 grant extended?

Following the lifting of the National State of Disaster, the grant will be provided under a new legislative framework. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the grant will be extended for a year from April 2022 to March 2023.

What is the difference between processing and pending?

Pending means you haven’t been billed, but you’re shipping in the near future (maybe as much as two weeks, in the case of this and previous Nexus launches). Processing means you’re about to get charged and your device will ship (usually processing can last a day to three days, depending).

Is pending for approval?

“Pending Approval” means you are waiting to see if something will be approved. When you say that something is pending approval, you are usually not certain that you will get the approval you are looking for. Example: This year, we may have enough money to get new computers, pending approval from the budget committee.